Proving Hypothesis Essay

Published: 2020-02-05 21:12:49
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Disproving a hypothesis is more difficult and complicated than proving one. The main reason for this claim is that proving a hypothesis only requires facts about the subject while disproving needs to have all the essential information about the subject and all sub-topics related to it. More so, you need to prove a hypothesis first in order to disprove it. So, essentially, refuting takes a lot more processes compared to validating. In this case, establishing cheetahs as the fastest land animals would require determining the speed of the cheetahs and compare the results with other similar fast-moving land animals.

Once all the data have been gathered, a conclusion can be formed based on the verification of the hypothesis. If all the animals that have been observed and tested have speeds slower than the cheetahs, the hypothesis of cheetahs as the fastest-land animals can be validated. Meanwhile, the presence of a validated fact is hard to disprove without ample evidences and facts. To effectively undergo the process of disproving, a hypothesis must first be proven and then ways on how to negate the proven hypothesis should be found.

This will take a lot of research and testing in order to effectively disprove the hypothesis. More so, all land animals that are capable of moving should be measured to record their speed in order to know all the possible contenders that can beat the speed of the cheetahs. Overall, both steps are significant in verifying the validity of a hypothesis. Almost the same of effort and difficulty falls on proving and disproving hypothesis. However, disproving

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