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Published: 2017-03-31 03:12:58
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The code, first published in 1953, is applicable to psychologists of all categories though various principles are mostly relevant to clinical psychologists in their activities of research, teaching, assessment and therapy. The objective of these codes is to instill ethical behavior among psychologists. The code is categorized into two groups namely: Ethical standards; It encompasses rules that are enforceable and specific covering a great deal of activities performed by psychologists.

Ethical standards are further categorized into 10 groups with a sum total of 89 standards. They include; Impact of the APA code of ethics to psychology The field has mostly committed people who have a far greater motivation for doing their work other than material wellbeing. This stems from observing the virtue that proclaims that psychologists should not harm clients but strive to benefit them. Keenness and high levels of professionalism are more pronounced in the field due to the fact that accuracy and truthfulness is one of the guiding principles for psychologists.

The principle stressing for forging of close friendships between psychologists and their clients has the likely effect of speeding up the recovery of clients. This is because one major reason why clients see psychologists is due to problems associated with neglect and loneliness (Lane, Meisels, 1994, p. 34). The public has more trust in psychologists because they are assured of the fact that their confidential information is safely guarded. The chances of a client opening up to a psychologist are therefore high.

This in turn makes diagnosis and therapy more effective due to the availability of accurate information. The fact that psychologists happen to be calm and composed people makes the atmosphere around an examination room relaxing. This in turn makes the client who might be inclined to overexcitement also composed. Therapy and examination is thus greatly simplified. The existence of a universally accepted code for the discipline makes it easier to compare notes among scholars from different backgrounds.

This in turn makes the synchronization of activities easier and hence connecting of scholars from different parts of the globe. Sharing of ideas is thus enhanced with the ultimate result of improving the quality of content in the discipline (Lane, Meisels, 1994, p. 56)


MchWhirter Darien (1995) Equal Protection. New York: Oryx Press, pp. 23, 78 Lane Robert & Meisels Murray (1994) A History of the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 34, 56 .

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