Punctuality and Correct Medical Aid Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The saying which goes A stitch in time saves nine is very true!!!Punctuality is no doubt a virtue no man can afford to lack. It is the simplest and easiest to acquire but at the same time really needed to succeed in life.

Punctuality is the habit of doing things in time. It is a disciplinary force which contributes to the efficiency and success of both an individual and organization.

A punctual person is always a step ahead of others .He is able to complete his assignments and keep commitments which wins him the command and respect of all those who work with him .He becomes an asset and support in any field of life. He will be a sought after member of any organization for the respect he has earned by his reliability and sense of discipline.

Lessons of punctuality are introduced from the very birth of a child. Feeds are given punctually and so are medications. Schools , colleges also implement and enforce these in every possible way .Time tables, classes ,examinations all demand punctuality. A company which fails to deliver goods or services in time or is unpunctual in collecting dues is also bound to fail one day or the other. In hospitals on some occassions punctuality may make all the difference between life and death . Forgetting to give a medicine or injection on time may take a life! On the other hand bringing a patient and giving him the correct medical aid in time will save a precious life!History also shows how punctuality plays such an important role even in war. General Neys unpunctuality ruined Napoleon and changed the course of European history.

If we study the lives of some great people we find that punctuality was one of the pillars of their success. Professionals like lawyers , doctors, teachers who have reached success are further respected when they keep their appointments and timely commitments . If we look around we shall see that sense of order and punctuality is seen in Nature too. The sun rises in the day , planets move in orbits, seasons keep their cycle teaching us the significance of time and punctuality in life.

Today we live in a modern complex society where so many things are interdependent. It is essential for the smooth functioning that people recognise the need for punctuality. If trains and flights do not keep punctuality it can create such a mess and sometimes cause havoc and disaster or even accidents. In the age of rockets and moonlandings the importance of punctuality is felt even more. To organize events meetings and make them successful it is essential that all participants keep time and are punctual. Could big events like the Olympics be a success without punctuality??We should make a humble beginning and start incorporating punctuality in our lives in our day to day activities. Bed time and waking time , meal times if adhered to will help discipline us and tune our minds towards punctuality in other areas also.

Once disciplined and punctual a very different future welcomes you.

One would surely realise that punctuality is the key to success and greatness in life.

One step at a time but always on time..!!!!

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