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Published: 2020-01-25 13:31:40
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1.3Describe ways to resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink. * Giving them two or more choices and let them decide what they like, giving more details about the food will help them to choose. * Explain individuals about the importance of a healthy diet and encourage and support the m to choose healthy options and alternatives. * Explain individuals about the consequences of a poor diet choice. For example, obesity can lead to heart disease, varicose veins, diabetes and arthritis. High cholesterol and diets high in salt can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 1.4Describe how and when to seek additional guidance about and individuals choice of food and drink. * When people reluctant, or refuse to eat certain types of food which have been noted in their support plan as a requirement for their condition. For example when an individual need to have a diabetic diet, a weight-reduction diet or gluten-free diet, if someone having swallowing difficulties, in such situations if someone is determined to ignore medical advice and to follow a different diet, this should be reported and discussed among the care team and the medical staff.

* If the person have full mental capacity to understand the consequence and still ignore medical advice, its their choice and they have right to follow what they prefers * For children, people who are very confused and severely demented, they dont have the full mental capacity to choose right diet for them and it should be discussed with care team and medical staff to decide what best for the individuals best interest. 3.1Describe factors that help promote an individuals dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking. * It should be a safe, hygienic and pleasant place for people to eat food. Make sure the place is warm and have enough light, no noise distractions.

* Let them decide where they like to sit when they having their meals. Some people like to site in the dining room with others, they will like the company and like to have a little chat each other while they eat. Some people like to have it in a privet place like their own room, for example if a person has difficulties which will require assistance they might not want others to see them while having meals. * Some people will need special aids to eating and drinking, for example, for example in the case of an individual with an arthritic condition provide cutlery with large handles which will help to hold them properly. * If a person needs feeding, make sure to give enough time for them to chew and swallow the food. * Presentation of the food will improve appetizing and more attractive and more likely to be eaten and enjoyed. 4.1Explain why it is important to be sure that an individual has chosen to finish eating and drinking before clearing away.

Clearing away when a person has not finished their meal does not demonstrate respect and it reflects negatively on the overall service. Sometimes people will put their cutlery down and have a rest during a meal, and it may look like they have finished, but they may wish to continue eating after having a rest. 5.1Explain the importance of monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter. * It is important to pass on information and record if necessary about how much people are eating and drinking and any problem they might had while they were eating.

* If a person is at risk of malnutrition, recording their dietary intake will show problems early on and action can be taken to prevent the situation getting worse. * Recording fluid intake and output can give a good indication about how well the heart and kidneys are working. * Recording difficulties of eating and drinking will help to identify chewing and swallowing difficulties and it will help to decide how to prepare food in a way that they can consume, for example choosing soft or pureed diet, cut vegetables and meat in to small, thickened fluids.

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