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Published: 2019-12-29 11:32:23
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1. How did the staff member introduce themselves to the client and the teacher?

It is important to know how the staff member initially introduces themselves to the client and the teacher. The first impression of our staff members to our clients is very important because we would like our clients to feel comfortable and excited about the services that we provide.

2. Did the staff member explain the services that were going to be provided to the client?

We want our clients to be able to understand the services that are being provided to them. The services that we provide should be simple and easy to understand especially to our clients and their family members. We like to know that our clients are satisfied and comfortable with the services being provided.

3. Were their any communication problems between the staff member and the client or the teacher? If so, how did the staff member resolve them?

We believe that communication is a key element between our staff members and our clients. Communication helps us build a client and staff relationship and we want our clients to be able to express themselves the best way they know how. Our clients should be able to feel comfortable with our staff. It is also important to understand how the staff member dealt with any communication problems during the services because it helps us better understand the different types of approaches to communication that can be successful when working with clients.

4. What is the clients perception of the staffs overall services?

We pride in our services and what our clients feedbacks entail. Knowing that clientele is satisfied with our rendering of services provides us with confidence and allows us to use such references for future clients.

5. How and what would the client change about his or her experience with our services?

Reviews are golden when clients provide their feedback about what they believed helped and if otherwise; how they would have felt more assisted by us. Our promise to clients is to evolve constantly to pursue customer satisfaction.

6. Was the staff up to the standards of the expectations?

Recognizing our areas of opportunity is important; therefore addressing the staff with important issues and concerns is priority for us, especially if this comes from the clients. 7. Would you consider coming back to our facilities and recommending others for assistance?

Knowing that we have completed a good job and creating healthy relationships with clients is important for us. We understand that despite the assistance provided; some situations would create triggers and thus the desire of help may be neglected, everyone needs help sometimes.

8. Is the documentation being done in timely manner?

Medical records can be seen as legal documents either written or computer- Generated. Medical Records serve with proof of care patients get, including Response to such care. Recently, Medical Record has come into use as Clinical Record comprising all contributions from every healthcare service

Provider giving care for the patient.

9. How is the documentation being filed?

For protecting you in a legal way, you need to follow established set of rules for documentation while knowing the way for documenting appropriately.

10. Are mistakes accepting?

Depends on the mistakes, which is why we document everything with the client, is very important not to make any mistakes.


The Scenario

In the given scenario, I would communicate to the teacher who notified the agency, the client as well as my staff. The client suffered from communicable diseases and was treated. It can impact the way this client acted while relaying the data. Staff member should have been knowledgeable about the client getting treatment with services being done on any other day. Feedback from teacher is significant and can be useful as the teacher knew and worked with clients regularly.

This relationship can be mended by full attention being given to students and accepting feedbacks. This student has to see professional care being there for assisting him. To stop this from taking place once again, clients record need to be checked before services are made for ensuring there is no sort of negative changes or interventions on the clients part.

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