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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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I woke this morning just like every morning sprawled out on my old mattress on the floor. As I began to wake to what seemed like an ordinary hot summer day. As I was getting changed there was a loud urgent bang on the door of the little tin hut at the edge of the lake I called home. This was unusual as I live alone and dont usually get any visitors apart from the odd lost hiker. I finished getting changed and opened to door to meet them. Please I need your help! a distressed teenager pleaded My boyfriend and I were camping down the track and hes missing!, theres blood everywhere I, I just ran and ran and found a little track which lead me here. Realising the extent of the situation I lead her inside and told her to tell me exactly what she remembered. The distressed girl said her name was Katie and that she and her boyfriend had come up to the mountains from the city for the weekend.

We set up camp yesterday and collected enough fire wood for a small fire to keep the mountain lions away; Did you notice anything strange whilst collecting the firewood? I asked. Her blank facial expression showed that she was deep in thought, I did come across a dead deer with its head decapitated, but what was strange is that it was still warm, I didnt tell Blake as I didnt want to freak him out, this was his first time camping The girl sobbed as she began to cry. Its okay I said, you can stay here a while then we will drive up to your campsite if that is okay with you?, What if whatever took him is still around? She wept I have a rifle and a hunting dog whatever it was wouldnt stand a chance I said reassuringly. Okay she spluttered, clearly not wanting to go back there.

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