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?I. Introduction Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. People have always traveled, whether it is to conquer worlds, discover new places, for business or for pleasure. This need of man has consequently led to the development of different attractions whether man-made or natural. Recreation, it is a term that denotes the refreshment of ones body or mind after work that stimulates amusement or play. People have become too busy to take out time to look within, no time to interact, and have become so dedicated to work. Working can lead to increased stress, illness, disease or more.

People werent meant to work themselves to death. There should be a balance of work and recreation. Our bodies need rest, relaxation and enjoyment every once in a while. Recreation is an activity, rather an opportunity to take a break, the much-needed break from work. The more recreation one engages after work, the happier and enjoyable life becomes. Recreational activities are widely popular across the globe. Some enjoy exploring to beautiful places around the world whereas others take interest in pursuing their hobbies as a means of recreation.

Whichever way, recreation needs to be made a vital component of the fast life of the present times. Positive and enjoyable recreation experiences can decrease stress and psychological tensions. Leisure activities offer people with the opportunity to boost energy and emotion not being released in other aspects of their lives. Family bonds are enhanced by the sharing of leisure time. Families that do recreational activities together tend to be closer and improve their chances of staying together. There are a lot of activities to choose from with recreation.

Some people prefer to do adventurous sporting activities and experience the thrills and excitement, while others prefer to light activities. Adventure and recreation in Philippines has been a part of the Filipino culture. The tropical weather allows Filipinos to spend most of their free time outdoors; children commonly play outside with friends. With this condition, the researcher is highly interested to propose a Recreation Center to cater tourists, families, sporting enthusiasts and host events which will enable to develop the tourism strategy of Batangas City. This center can provide best service that every individual should experience.

Near in the future, it will be famous to everyone. II. Pre-Feasibility Nowadays tourists are discovering a lot new things especially to the place where they can visit. They really want to explore unique places for them to meet their expectation and satisfaction. From this, feasibility study regarding to the development of a recreation center will meet its objectives as part of our industry. These are the condition that will justify its objective: (a. ) The Recreation Center as part of Hospitality Industry (b. ) To increase the number of customers by at least 20% per year through superior customer service and word-of mouth referrals.

(c. ) To create a service-based company which exceeds customers expectations. (d. ) To provide high quality equipment use in the recreation center (e. ) To provide extraordinary, proficient and suitable architectural design for the proposed Recreation Center that will accommodate tourists and the locals by introducing innovative activities to further promote tourism and exposure to the local market. (f. ) To provide excellent child play care in a eco-friendly atmosphere while ensuring our customers, receive excellent service in a playful, educational, and safe environment. III.

Detailed Economic Feasibility Study In this part of our feasibility study, it contains the four analysis that tackles about the potentiality of the place to become a tourist destination, its future outcome and structure, what strategies we used in promoting the plan to the public and the possible expenses of the project. 3. 1 Site Analysis In establishing a business, location is always considered. The transportation that will be use is the primary needs of this business. In this study, this is well analyzed all the details according to the distance from the nearest town center.

The next is the site itself. The property of the business and how the transaction of all the papers includes. It will not be successful without the environmental issues, because the recreation center that will be build involves with this condition. This market research show that these are the customer groups that are likely to be served. The business will serve a relaxation area because of the different activities it offers. For the building aesthetics of our project, we choose the ecological architecture. It is also known as environmental design combining aspects of landscape design.

This building character will complement the outdoor scenes especially designed for leisure and sporting activities whilst considering appropriate facilities for the users. It deals with building materials and aims at minimizing the use of not replenishable raw materials. This means preferring such building materials as wood, stone, earth and recycled material like used boxes and barrels, and naturally it necessitates a peculiar style of architectural design as well. This design follow the concept of GO GREEN because of its efficiency and sustainability.

Many eco-friendly building techniques with aesthetics that match the natural surroundings are now being incorporated in the designs. Ecological architecture is the most suitable character that works best for developments that are bounded by nature and caters leisure facilities and outdoor activities. The character of the structure will complement the nature where recreation and sporting activities occur. 3. 2 Economic Feasibility Study The researcher conduct some research and its true that tourism is one of the basic aspects that really affects the economic status of our country.

In this feasibility study, the researcher aims to help in contributing to its aspect with the help of this tourist destination. This business will be known by giving and providing the best facilities and activities whoever will visit the center. The income of the business itself will increase and also its production. 3. 3 Market Analysis When it talks about marketing, first thing that comes to the mind of a person is about promotion, advertising and something that has to do in catching the attention of the tourists.

The researchers marketing strategy is focused on establishing and promoting our project through a variety of marketing channels. An overview of our marketing strategy includes: Identity Development. This plan will be promoted through a broad mix of identity pieces including business cards, stationery, car signage, and other communications. Brochures. A brochure will be designed to communicate our presence, the services we offer, and the clients we serve in the community. Flyers. Flyers will be designed for posting at community locations that attract high traffic volumes of consumers within our target market. Public Relations.

As owners, we will promote our company and its benefits to the community through efforts to have articles published in new media and efforts to gain coverage on local radio and television programming. Website. All brochures, flyers and other marketing tools will promote our website, detailing our services that benefit the community. Our website will also provide all information about us, our operational hours, schedules of events, and a registration form for online enrollment. Email. Email will be used to connect with our clients frequently through monthly newsletters and updates on upcoming events and special offers. 3.

4 Cost/Benefit Analysis One of the key of the business is to meet their costs and especially the benefit it have. Without the help of our generous sponsors Lucio Tan and Henry Sy, the researcher will not be able to operate without their financial support. The following lists will show the total cost in establishing the business. Expenses: Property/Land 4 Million Php Corporate Sponsorship 10 Million Php Installation of Machine 1 Million Php Researchers Savings 8,050,000 Php Increased Revenue 250,000 PhpTotal Budget 10 Million Php Material Cost 2. 5 Million PhpTotal Cost 18,050,000 Php Labor Cost 3 Million Php.

Operator 600,000 Php Utilities 1. 5 Million Php Insurance 750,000 Php Operating Licenses/Permits 350,000 Php Pest Control 300,000 Php Minor Repair & Maintenance 800,000 Facilities 3 Million Php The proposed project entitled Batangas City Recreation Center intends to introduce new innovative facilities to the locals and tourists with advanced, effective and functional design. This study will be beneficial to the following: Province of Batangas This study may serve as a reference to whatsoever future developments and plans that will be conducted by the city or the province in relative to the tourism industry.

To the Local and Foreign Tourists This study is significant to the tourists as a reference for their activities to be conducted during vacations or leisure. To the Enthusiasts and Professionals This will serve as a guide in choosing the ideal location for team building activities. It will also aid professionals in selecting the perfect venue for their programs and competition. For everybody (families, couples, single) The Recreation Center was designed with you and your family in mind. We focus on providing an environment to bring the community together.

It is a place for children, teens, adults, families, and seniors to socialize and exercise. The Center Focused on family entertainment in a family-oriented community, the Recreation Center is a project primed to take advantage of an expanding and profitable industry. IV. Conclusion The researcher therefore conclude the factors that influence the people to come to the recreation center. These are divided into five characteristics: 1. The Recreation Center can be used in any activities whether in group or individual. 2. The Recreation Center can provide highest quality performance that every individual can experience.

3. The researcher provide strategies on how they can meet the target market and how the profit will increase. 4. The Recreation Center, as describes above, offers numerous advantages for developers and also for the people who lives in Batangas. 5. The implementation of a Recreation Center here in Batangas City is highly successful because it will surely be a famous tourist destination. V. Recommendation After analyzing all the details of this project, the researcher recommended and suggested five criteria on how the business will achieve success in the future. 1.

The People in-charge of the center should increase the number of supported services in order to maintain the clients and at the same time, they should continue attracting more tourist. 2. The developers should always give and furnish the best amenities and facilities to the tourist who will stay in the center. 3. The developers should have proper and wide marketing in advertising globally. They could make use of new techniques that will help gain more tourists. 4. Giving opportunities by hiring of employees coming from the people living in Batangas. 5. Continuing to give a hundred percent best service to the visitors.

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