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Published: 2020-02-18 17:52:35
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Based on the historical recruiting methods the Tanglewood stores have a couple of key issues associated with the hiring of new employees in order to provide the customer service and run their organization in a profitable manner. The corporate executives need to establish an employment brand message, and also allow the regional managers to utilize the methods of recruitment and management styles they believe work best in their geographic area (Inman, C. , & Muller, C. 1996) First from a management prospective, there is not a unity of effort across the four regions as far as the hiring process is concerned.

There are three unique main lines of effort between the four locations. The managers of these regions should be given a certain amount of freedom to lead their divisions, guidance and standards should be provided from the corporate management of the organization (Inman, C. , & Muller, C. 1996). This will help the organization adjust to a changing technology while providing custom appeal to potential employees from each region. This will help develop an employment brand message with the public and encourage overall appeal to the company.

This employment brand should be the focus of the corporate level managers. It is beneficial to the organization, to give the regional managers the latitude to administer their hiring strategy the way they see fit. Although the cost of hiring an organization to locate and recruit talent for the region at five times the cost of three of the other methods of recruitment, if that is what it takes to hire individuals in that region the manager should be given the authority to utilize that method.

The establishment of an employment brand message at the corporate level, which is especially important to the specialization of the Tanglewood stores in outdoor equipment, may reduce turnover among employees. The extensive turnover needs to be addressed at the regional echelon. Turnover is extremely expensive and must be minimized. The effective recruiting of motivated, knowledgeable individuals will minimize the expense of training and recruiting employees. The Western regions method of utilizing referrals seems to fit the outdoor lifestyle business model the best.

Finding employees that fit the mindset of the company result in the least amount of turnover (Naeem Tariq, M. , Ramzan, M. , & Riaz, A. 2013). Employees that are interested in and have a passion for the outdoors likely participate in these activities with like-minded individuals. Recruiting from this pool seems like a great source for employees. There is a risk that employees are seeking the reward from the company of 100 dollars. This risk is minimal given the nominal reward and the benefit of free advertising for the business.

The Eastern and Northern Oregon region also have a fairly low cost method of recruiting through media. Depending on the type of media, this has a potential to reach many potential applicants. It must be monitored for returns to ensure that money is not being wasted on unyielding sources. This could be accomplished with a simple survey on how the individual discovered the job or coding responses. This media can also target demographic groups that managers believe will make the best employees.

The utilization of a staffing agency seems to be the least efficient method of recruiting employees that embrace the culture of the store and proved excellent customer service. If the employees are not willing to make a personal connection with customers based on a shared passion this will affect profits (Puccinelli, N. M. et. al. 2013). Although the agency seeks individuals for the company, it is expensive and the agency is most likely not specialized to find applicants that fit the companys culture.

Although this method may be useful to hire individuals with key KSAOs, it is probably not cost effective for hiring the floor associates. If the corporate level executives produce guidance and emphasize the employment brand message and the regional managers are given the freedom to administer their stores the way they see fit, the hiring process and retention would be greatly improved. An optimization of the hiring process will result in greater retention and increased profits (Naeem Tariq, M. , Ramzan, M. , & Riaz, A. 2013).

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