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Published: 2019-10-10 12:14:24
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1. Reflect on key messages you learnt about recruitment and employment for university students in the session.

After listening to the sharing session by CAIO, I found that there are two main key points in recruitment for university graduates.

The first key point is that students can always apply or work in the field that is not their professions, though the career path will be more challenging. Vanessa shared a few examples of the past students experience in finding jobs, for instance, students majoring in engineering during the 3-years university life turned out to be an accountant; and a student who was in language study finally became a flight attendant. Listening to these sharing was very inspiring and encouraging as they gave me insight into my career path. Although I am majoring in language study, I do not aim at working as a translator or an educator. Instead, I want to work in the threatre-related industry. Therefore, after listening to the talk, I realized that it is possible for me to work in the non-language related field, only that I have to work harder, or have to face a lot of obstacles and need to make adjustment.

Besides, another key message I got is that attitude and being active are the essential keys when attending interviews. After listening to Vanessa, I apprehend that showing a positive attitude during the job interview will give a better impression to the employer. When a person has a positive attitude in him/herself and is able to show that he or she is eager in getting the job, the person will probably be more active and out spoken in responding to the interviewer and is able to handle challenging questions better. Thus, it gives more confidence to the employer that the candidate is suitable for the job which thus, leading to the success in job application. Therefore, in general, I have also learnt from the session by CAIO that having a positive attitude and being outspoken and active in job interviews increase the chances of being employed.

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