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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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After reading Recruitment of a Star, it has become convincingly evident that only one candidate stood out among the rest with regard to RHSs corporate values, analytical requirements and contribution potential. Although all candidates show strong qualifications, the candidate I am referring to is Sonia Meetha.

First of all Mrs. Meethas credentials are extremely impressive. After seeking feedback from people whom Mrs. Meetha has work with, it was reported that her work is thorough, solid and insightful and that companies have come to rely on her work.

She was recognized as an up and comer as per II standards, which is exactly where I think she should be so that the firm can benefit the most. She is at a perfect point in her career so that RHS can mold/mentor her into its culture without inheriting negative practices picked up at other big firms all with the goals of helping her realize her full potential, which would be of an extreme benefit for the company. Also, while at WHS, she has managed to cover the franchise by herself without the assistance of a junior analyst, which tells me that her work ethic is impeccable. Her performance ratings have grown over the last three years, shes built good networks, which include CEOs of major companies as well as divisional managers and staff.

In addition, Mrs. Meetha has shown a keen interest in organizational structure, which is something that is highly valued at RHS. As evidenced in her interview, some of the questions she asked were directly focused on the company culture with regard to work approach, fairness of work practices towards females and mentorship to name a few.

Along with this, Mrs. Meethas insight is the most likely to deliver a long term competitive advantage due to her long range vision of globalization and keen insight into the next technology boom. During her interview, she stated that one of the biggest reasons for seeking a change was that global reach was important to her. She pointed to the fact that RHS hast the technology and staff to support this endeavor, which indicates to me her natural ability to work in teams.

What really stood out to me was that fact that throughout her career she didnt realize what compensation looked like for someone with her qualifications, which leads me to believe that she performs mostly for the love of her chosen profession rather than for compensation. This is a great asset due to the fact that with the atmosphere fostered at RHS, she is not likely to be swayed away by a competitor via compensation packet and that she would not be likely to try to use compensation as leverage for her services.

Some concerns that were brought up were that she would find it hard to adapt to a huge firm (coming from a boutique) and older analysts were uneasy about hiring the mother of two small children, schedule flexibility and travel. Mrs. Meetha was able to make a huge change from a California firm whose culture was more relaxed into her current position where she has thrived with more work at a faster pace. Also, I believe this stereotype of the working mother is long overdue to be erased. She has shown through her career an ability not just to perform whats required of her, but also to stand out and shine in her profession.

For these reasons and more, I believe that the right candidate for the position is Mrs. Sonia Meetha.

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