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Published: 2019-10-14 01:41:08
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How I create a positive learning environment

A positive learning environment are trust, open communication and shared learning experiences.Trainer is one who can create a positive learning environment, which will allow the students to feel comfortable, safe and engaged something that all students deserve. I applied some factors that build a positive learning environment. Adult learners require the learning to be relevant, are highly motivated, need active involvement in the learning process, a variety of learning experiences, positive feedback, need to be recognized as individuals with unique experiences, to maintain their self-esteem. A positive learning environment requires the involvement of learners to ask questions and feedback, encourage discussions, group and individual activities, group discussions, visual aids, role plays.

The effective trainer helps to create the positive learning environment when using a variety of techniques for providing positive feedback. To provide positive feedback is to give verbal praise, to use positive responses during questioning, recognize appropriate skills. Be sure to treat the participants as individuals when using participant names, to involve all participants as often as possible, to treat participants with respect, to allow participants to share information with others, to maintain the self-esteem of learners with reinforcing practices and beliefs embodied in the activity, providing corrective feedback in an appropriate manner, providing training that adds to their sense of competence and self-esteem, recognizing participants accomplishments.

The feedback I received from learner participants

The feedback I receive is very positive. The learners rated all of the activities very highly. Content is rated 4.6 from 5 which is Excellent.
Organization is rated 4.0 from 5 which is Very Good.

Use of instructional aids is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent. Creating interest in topic is rated 4.8 from 5 which is Excellent. Involvement of participants is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent. Met my needs is rated 3.8 from 5 which is near Very Good.

Suitable to my level of experience is rated 4.2 from 5 which is Very Good.
Interesting is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent.
Included sufficient examples is rated 4.6 from 5 which is Excellent. Understandable -is rated 4.2 from 5 which is Very Good.
This lead to conclude that activities provides interesting information. The feedback I received it is very useful and helping me to understand where I can develop my lessons in further.

My perceptions of the effectiveness of the activity

I felt engaged and that the content of the learning material was interesting and meaningful. The explanations given helped me to clarify and remember ideas, and the activities gave a way to remember the information in a clear way. That makes a difference in understanding the material, because I can see the strategies in action instead of just reading about them.

The results of the team work activities are beneficial towards learning process and helps enhance learning process. Looking at the picture as a whole, one of the most valuable things is just sharing experiences with other participants. Because you just learn so much from each other. I think the whole focus behind the effectiveness of the activity it has made me reflect a lot more on my own practice and future development.

2 recommendations to improve my future performance

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