Relationship Between Program Planning and Grant Proposals Essay

Published: 2019-11-16 00:32:39
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Program planning is evaluated in following a proposal. Program Planning processes will yield a component of the body proposal. Grand proposals are evaluated and based on business practices/good planning. A grant proposal address goals within the organizations ability to provide relevant services. Grant proposal s could be contract submitted to perform an activity for example better training and research.

Program planning is the first step in planning to redevelop a particular program that wishes to be funded by the a grant for a government purpose. The grant proposal has a description of what the organization is planning on doing and the deliverables, budget and other important information. Program planning is a way of executing the program and planning on how to get the funds needed to deliver the training or extra things for the organization to make it better for not only the company but for their employees as well.

When young adults/adults want to go to school they have to plan what program / career they would like to learn about and get a degree in. Then they have to plan on the budget needed to get to go to school. The last step is to fill out for a grant through the government to get the funds needed to go to school to achieve our goals in getting a better career after school.

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