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Within this organization there are two main leader who take very different approaches in there method of management. Coach Boone is the head football coach, he is very strict when it comes to his players as well as his team staff, he takes a classical approach at management. Division of labor and priorities are some main concepts used in the classical approach, Boone believes everyone should know where they stand and who is the boss, he is focused on building a strong winning team. Coach Boone is straight forward and to the point, in the first team meeting he informs the team that, Best player will play, color dont matter, and he lets the players know, This is not a democracy, this is a dictatorship. I am the law. This shows Boone believe in division of labor, by matching the players skills to their position, and that he leads with bureaucracy, letting it be known clearly who is in charge.

Coach Yoast is the former head coach made assistant defensive coach, who choses to lead with a behavioral approach to management. Yoast tells Boone he wants his players to hold their positions even after Boone takes over, he also tells Boone he too strict at camp and that the players should be having some fun. This shows Yoast believes that the players will preform better for the team if they are satisfied with the position they have, and if they are having fun while playing and practicing. Taking a behavioral approach to management, Yoast have confidence that if the player are satisfied they will be motivated to have a better outcome.

I believe that both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast share the same goals, building a strong team and winning games. Coach Boones approach is very effective by making the players come together as a team to reach the same goal, he teaches them discipline and why they need to respect and protect each other on and off the field. Without Boones strict approach the players would have most likely never have come together as a team to achieve the goals of a strong winning team. On the other hand Yoasts approach of keeping the team happy by trying to provide a positive environment. When Boone is too hard by just yelling at the players, Yoast takes over the pressured players and encourages them to play how they where taught. Both methods contributes to organizational goals, this shows that equifinally is possible, or that organizations can reach the same goals in different ways.

Goal congruence is how well goals of individuals match with the goals of an organization, the closer the two are the better. The goal congruence between Coach Boone and the coaches from the previous years are close together, they just seem to have different points of view on how to accomplish these goals. Boones method of leadership is very distinct from what the coaches are used to, the other coaches think Boone is only driven to win, but like them he also wants the players to share unity. Once the team comes together and beings to win game after game, the other coaches then begin to see that they all have all share the same goals. This leads to a stronger closer over lap of Boones goals and the other coaches goals.

To begin with the Caucasian player think that Boone is just coming to take over, and only play the colored players. Once Boone makes his speech at Gettysburg, about how the players need to respect each other, then by treating each player with the same tough authority shows the Caucasian players that he shares the same goals as they do. The African-American players and coach Boone do not have the close goal congruence at the beginning, the players are just looking to have fun, and only see the Coach as a dictator. Once they realize that Boone has only made their team strong and on top they being to overlap with their goal congruence and do whatever it takes to keep the team as strong as Boone has made it, like when they call a team meeting without the coaches to get the team back on tract.

The goal congruence between the Caucasian players and the African-American players is far away to being with, although they all want to be apart of a winning they do not want to be apart of an intergraded team. Until they overcome color and society, they goal congruence stays at a distance and they struggle to achieve any goals. Once they come together at camp, their goal congruence overlaps and they preform successfully as a team, and reach organizational goals of winning games. Each one of these changed over time. Without cooperation between the coaches and the players, the team did not function properly as one, they where controversially functioning as individuals looking to meet their own needs. The gap between personal goals and organizational goals only became closer together as the team began to respect and understand each other. This made the organization function better and achieve goals together, the players shared the same values, or sets of beliefs which lead to better performance.

Upward receptivity is how responsive upper management is to lower management when communicating. The level of upward receptivity between Boone and Yoast to begin with was at a 2 on a scale of 1 being poor and 5 being very receptive. When the team first came together Boone and Yoast only tolerated each other because they where forced to, although they would communicate the level of their understanding for each other was at a minimum. Boone often would speak down to Yoast, putting him in his place and making sure Yoast knew he was no longer in charge Boone told Yoast in one of their initial meetings that he would, allow the other coach to be on his staff, as long as he would follow by Boones rules. As time went on and the two coaches began to understand each others techniques the level of upward receptivity changed to a 4. Both Boone and Yoast were more open-minded to opinions, but upper management was still made prominent.

The low level of upward receptivity had a negative effect on the teams overall performance. With poor communication comes poor organization and cooperation, major key elements in having a successful organization. With Yoast going against Boones decisions, of taking players out of the game, and Boone not listening to Yoast about players talents, lead to poor reception of unity throughout the team. Once the coaches became more responsive to one and other, the players performance reflected the positive change on and off the team, winning more games and becoming more receptive amongst each other.

These levels changed over time for the better, if these changes did not occur once again I do not believe the team would have been successful towards the goals of the organization. Organizations need positive communication between all levels of management in order to produce a constructive outcome.

To begin with Boone used positional power, the only reason players and coaches listened to him was because he had authority. The players only followed his rule to avoid punishment of being kicked off the team, or not playing in games. No one wanted to be like Boone, or cared if Boone like them, they where not looking for approval while he took on positional power. As time went on and the player and coaches got to know and understand why Boone used his strict methods, they began to respect him.

This changed his power from positional to personal, now players wanted to do things correct from personal relationship rewards, not in fear of corrective punishment. They wanted Boones respect back, like when the player tells Boone he can not go to college because he is not smart enough, the player does not care what Boone thinks of him to begin with. Then towards the end the player gets emotional and hugs Boone when he tells him he qualifies for college, he wants to tell Boone to get his approval and make him proud. This shows the player now respects and values Boones opinion.

Just like the with the approaches, I believe both of these positions of power worked for Boone and the players as an organization. Although at times to begin with Boone was too strict with the players, by screaming at the while they where on the field playing the game. If Boone did not stand his ground firmly to begin with the team could have walked all over him, as he became more understanding, the team gained respect for him. The players did not just gain respect because Boone became less aggressive, they gained respect from the past and how hard he was on them to become a unified team. Without use of both powers the team would not have been as strong in the end.

This football team displayed how behavior and understanding plays a major roll in an organizations success. The players and coaches demonstrated how small actions and similar values can alter the outcome of any corporation. Sharing goals and having effective leaders all contribute to how well an operation functions.


Eisenberg, Eric M., H. Lloyd. Goodall, and Angela Trethewey. Organizational Communication: Balancing Creativity and Constraint. 6th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Print.

Remember The Titans
Walt Disney Picture
Director: Boaz Yakin
Writer: Gregory Allen Howard
Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman
Stars: Denzel Washington, Will Patton, Wood Harris
Released: September 2000

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