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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The course aims at deepening the students understanding of the integration of Airports as a key part of the economy in less than one century since their inception. It also helps the students learn about the dynamics of the airports and the challenges facing the growth of airports as part of the service sector. The students get to know and understand the forces involved in running and maintaining an airport system.

Topics to be covered

1. Introduction a) What is operations management and what does it involve? b) Why is airport operations management important in the running of airports?

2. Background of Airport business a) History and commercialization of airports b) Description of the air transport system

3. Queuing theory a) What is queuing theory b) Importance of queuing theory in airport operations c) Service structure in a queuing system

4. Airport Facility location and layout a) Importance of airport facility location b) Importance of airport layout

5. Airport technical and essential services a) What are airport technical services b) History of airport technical services c) Other essential services at airports

6. Airport Capacity and delay a) Factors affecting capacity and delay in commercial airports b) Strategies to reduce airport delays. c) Grand Father rights and their effects on airport delays

7. Airport Aircraft emergencies a) Definition of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents b) Description of aircraft accidents by phase of flight c) Managing human factors to reduce aircraft accidents d) Categories of aircraft emergencies at airports e) Airport emergency plan

8. Financing of airport operations and business a) What is financing b) Budgeting for airport operations c) Sources of Airport Revenues d) Funding of airport operations

9. Managing airport projects a) What is project Management b) Project management skills and requirements c) Feasibility study for projects

10. Comparison of leaders and managers a) Why are firms changing from management to leadership b) Comparison of various leadership theoriesapplicable to airport operations management

11. The future of the airport business and operations a) Planning for future development and expansion of airports b) Managing the knock on effects in the airport business c) Challenges facing the airport business and the aviation industry.

d) Conclusion of the course.

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