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Published: 2019-12-19 11:40:41
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Behavior Person-Centered Theory is a theory that focuses on the individual person and the behaviors (appropriate and inappropriate) so that not only will the person be independent of self esteem issues but, he or she will learn behaviors that promote positive attitudes. Instead of just looking at the behaviors this theory, looks at the person as a whole (the behaviors positive and negative, his or her feelings about themselves and the people around him or her, and the triggers that make him or her behave in negative ways. I believe in this theory because it does not just focus on one aspect of the person such as the negative behaviors and triggers, it looks also looks at the positive behaviors and triggers. By doing this you are able to learn what makes a person react the way he or she does and if the actions are deliberate or if the actions are true reactions to the situations or stimuli. Some people have a tendency to show you what they think you want to see or hear (manipulation) but if you learn what actions trigger what reactions (good and bad) you can teach the individual how to avoid those situations or stimuli.

The theorist and theory that I relate to the best is Yalom and the interpersonal group therapy. I relate to this theory because it focuses on problems in current relationships and situations while examining the ways in which those particular problems are reflected within the members of the group. It is always important for patients to know that he or she is not the only person going through the kinds of situations the patient may be facing. When a patient learns that he or she is not alone in the world (concerning the types of problems being faced) it allows the patient to better relate and discuss what it is he or she is going through and as a group solutions can be developed.

What surprised me the most about the theories learned in class was that a single theory can treat more than one problem or person. I always believed that everyone was subjected to the same theory no matter what the situation was. I was also surprised to learn that not all people are placed in in-patient facilities if the doctor feels that something else should be done. This was very apparent in the case where the lady whose husband was cheating on her, tried to kill herself numerous times and the doctor decided to treat her as an outpatient instead of committing her. Since being in this class, I have learned that not all theories apply to all people and situations. One theory can be used to treat a multitude of people and situations. Not all people are committed for actions some may deem psychotic it is up to the attending physician whether or not the person is committed to a facility.

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