Review of Related Literature on the Effect of Acid Using Vinegar as a Model on Mortality Rate of Freshwater Guppy Fishes Essay

Published: 2019-10-22 23:50:34
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Republic Act No. 9275 Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 is an Act providing for a comprehensive water quality management and for other purposes. In Section 2 of this Act, it states that the State shall pursue a policy of economic growth in a manner consistent with the protection, preservation and revival of the quality of our fresh, brackish and marine waters.

The State wants to manage and reduce the population of water resources of the country by promoting environmental strategies and use of appropriate economic instruments. The State recognizes that water quality is in the same level of concern of the quality of life. This Act also wants to promote commercial and industrial processes and products that will not harm the environment, which includes the living organisms in different ecosystems.

Related Literature

According to the special report, Acid Precipitation of Gene Likens from Cornell University during 1976, the acidity of rain and snow falling on parts of the U.S. and Europe has been rising”for reasons that are still not entirely clear and with consequences that have yet to be well evaluated. Acid precipitation has a long-term effect especially on the living organisms in many lakes and streams which sometimes causes extinction.

Related Studies

On the study of Schindler during 1988, Effects of Acid Rain on Freshwater Ecosystems, it was stated that there is an increase in number of areas most likely to be affected by acid. The study presented the biological damage caused by the acid rain, which includes the disappearance mostly of small fishes that are considered as food for larger predators which might cause these predators to starve and might result for another disappearance of fishes.

Justification of Study

Articles and past studies show that acid rain has a negative effect on living organisms from different ecosystems including freshwater. It was also mentioned in the study of Schindler in 1988 that the small fishes are most affected by the acidity of their environment. This study wants to know how affected these small fishes are thus, determining the mortality rate of guppies in environments with different levels of acidity

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