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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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A Simple and Prolific Life of Rizal in Dapitan
Simple yet prolific is the best word that can describe the life of Rizal in Dapitan. It is simple in a way that he lives like an ordinary people and prolific because when he was there, his time was not wasted and made a lot of contribution not only to the place but also to the people.

In the first part of his exile, he lived in a commandants house but after winning the second prize in the Manila Lottery and also from his savings being a merchant and farmer, he bought a land in Talisay. In this place, he built three houses made of bamboo, wood and also nipa with different shapes. The first house served as his home, the second house is for his students and lastly, the third house is for his chickens.

Even though Rizal is in Dapitan, he continued to send a letter to Ferdinand Blumentritt that described his life in Dapitan. The letter says that Rizal is waking up early in the morning to feed his chickens and cook for their breakfast. After eating their breakfast, Rizal treats those patients who come to his house and also those in towns. In the afternoon, after being a doctor in the morning, he transformed into teacher to teach the young boys in their town. These young boys do not have any tuition fee, but there is one condition, they have to work, especially in the farm, together with Rizal. And Rizal ended the day in reading and writing.

After 4 years, he left Dapitan but Rizals presence remains there because he has a lot of contribution and also some projects that until now are running. One of his contributions is the good waterworks system he constructed in the province. As you can remember Rizal studied surveying when he was in Ateneo Municipal. Rizal also has a lot of contributions to the agricultural development, in his multi hectare land; he planted crops and fruit-bearing trees together with his students. He also introduced the modern methods and machineries in farming and also in fishing to many of our Dapitenos.

By these many reasons, we cant deny that Rizal was truly loved by all Dapitenos. As you can see, when Rizal left Dapitan, all of his students, their parents and also ordinary people together with a band said their last

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