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Published: 2019-11-18 17:31:38
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According to the American Nurses Association the role of the professional nurse is held to a high standard. Nurses have a guideline of professionalism that is upheld to match the level of care given to each and every patient and held accountable for their actions towards clients and peers (Perry/Potter, 7). Nurses are expected to critical think as a way to solve any problem or ailment presented to them by patients. Nurses are to implement the nursing process which delegates a step by step process to think critically in solving patients problems.

The steps are assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification and planning, implementation and evaluation (Perry/Pottery, 7). 2. I see nurses fulfilling these roles and many more. The nurse is a caregiver when attending to patients needs and going the extra mile in providing care that is not asked for, such as when providing a bath and massaging the legs to provide stimulation in circulation in the legs. Nurses are the patients advocate we speak on the patients behalf to the doctors as well as administration. Educating the patient on prevention of illness and health practices on current ailments.

We communicate to the patients on a daily bases nurses are on the forefront dealing with the patients at the bedside we communicate all needs and care for the patient to the doctors. Nurses are in charge of managing the care of our patients how the patient is responding to treatment, their fluid intake and output, tracking of nutritional status. Nurses practice autonomy and accountability on a daily basis. We encourage ambulation to a patient after giving birth to stimulate circulation and urinary functions. 3. When I think of a nurse I think of a caregiver. Someone who will help a patient on their road to recovery.

Someone who will listen to a patients concerns and reassure the patient that they are receiving the best care possible. Someone who will care. In my opinion some people think that nurses are assists to doctors. I have heard this many times. Yes we do assist doctors but today nurses are so much more and are responsible for much more in the medical field. Mostly the media presents nurses in a positive light showcasing the diverse and important role of the nurse in the hospital. But sadly there are still some that negatively show nurses as a sex symbol with no real input in patient care.

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