Rome The Heart of Culture Essay

Published: 2019-10-12 00:40:58
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There are many beautiful and exciting places to visit in the world Venice and Paris impress your emotions and the hidden feelings, whereas Egypt and Thailand impress your attitude towards cultural heritage. Nevertheless, my favorite city is Rome and I can return to its ancient-looking streets and romantic atmosphere as many times as I can afford. However, Rome for me is not a city to live in as it will loose its romanticism. It is a place to visit and there are many reasons why.

The first reason is, of course, to see the Vatican the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is known to attract visitors due to its spiritual power. The Vatican is the smallest independent state and the richest country in the world. I think everyone should visit it when visiting Rome. There you can see collections of priceless treasures and fantastic views on Rome. The second reason is art and architecture. It is known that Rome is the center of the most famous sculptures and painting. Throughout the city you can find buildings which belong to different historical eras. For example, the ancient Roman forum and Colosseum are really worthy of seeing.

I am really impressed by the Trevi Fountain and tradition of throwing a coin into it is very nice. One of the architectural wonders Pantheon is also found in Rome. The third reason is food and drink as Rome invites you offering wide range of restaurants. I am fond of visiting Pizzerias where I always enjoy homemade pizza and fresh pasta. Finally, the fourth reason is shopping. Shopping in Rome can suit every, even the smallest budget. There you can find modest stores and such names, as, for example, Fendi, Valentino, Laura Biagotti, etc.

In conclusion Id like to say that Rome is one of the most exciting and romantic places in the world. In Rome you enrich your spirituality and cultural heritage by visiting the Vatican and famous churches; you can spend time in comfortable restaurants with your beloved person. Rome is a perfect place anyway!

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