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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Emma Donoghue author of the book Room a national bestseller is a great book about a five year old boy Jack held captive in an 11-11 foot room with his Ma. This book is a story about the strong relationship between a five year old kid and his mom and the story about a boy and his curiosity level in the outside world. The story begins on Jacks 5th birthday in Room. To Jack Room is the world and he believes Room is all there is. Ma who is Jacks mom had been locked in room for 7 years and has been in Room since she was 19.

She had Jack when she was 21 and has raised Jack in Room. Jack and Ma have been captive by a man who Jack refers to as Old Nick. Old Nick had kidnapped Ma when she was 19 and has held her in Room ever since. Ma had tried to keep Jack safe. Ma had created a life for Jack but she knew it wasnt enough for her or for him. Ma had tried her hardest to keep Jack safe under the circumstances that they had. Ma had rituals and a schedule they stuck to on a regular basis in Room. The television allowance in Room was limited and he thought everything on television was on another planet.

Jack had been used to the schedule that Ma had set up for them. Ma had health issues because she did not have the resources that she needed and had to take meds for her condition. Jack had never gotten to know Old Nick because Old Nick would always come at night and Jack would have to be asleep at that time. Old Nick had given Ma and Jack a Sunday Treat but only on Sundays and Jack would ask for things such as a beach ball or books. When Jack had turned five Ma had realized that Jack was old enough to leave Room.

Ma and Jack had made a plan to escape Room, which Jack referred to as the great escape. The first plan was to have Jack be sick and when he got to the hospital he would tell anybody about what had happened to them. Old Nick had not taken him and had left. The first plan had set up the second plan where Jack would pretend he is dead and when Old Nick would take him he would wiggle out of Rug and escape out of the back of the truck. Old Nick had took Jacks dead body and had wrapped him up in Rug the next day.

Old Nick had thrown him in the back of the trunk and Jack had wiggled out of Rug and jumped out of the truck. Old Nick had seen Jack about to jump and stopped the truck to get Jack. Old Nick had caught Jack and a man named Ajeet had seen Jack hurt and bruised from him jumping off the truck had called the cops as Old Nick had fled the scene. When the cops had gotten to where Jack and Ajeet was Jack was questioned by the officer and the officer had a hard time understanding what Jack was trying to explain. The officer had enough information to figure out Ma was still trapped in Room.

The police had found Room in the backyard of Old Nicks house. Ma was so happy to see Jack again and find out that Jack had saved Ma from Room. The great escape and Jack saving Ma are the turning points of the book and it changes Jacks way of living and changes how he sees the outside world. Without these events happening in the book Jack and Ma would have stayed in Room their whole life. This is very important because Jack gets to now how see the outside world is and is very curious about everything around him.

It is very different from Room and he is going to have to adjust to it. After the police had showed up to find Ma and Room Ma and Jack were reunited after the escape and Jack had his first glance at the outside world. In the outside world Jack was not used to everything in the, and everything was new to him. When Jack was first in the outside world he had to go to the Police Department and that is where they tell their story about Old Nick and how they were trapped in Room. From there they went to a mental hospital where they stayed to get help.

At the hospital Jack had discovered new things like vending machines, windows, and the big buildings. He had to wear a face mask because he was not used to all the new germs in the outside world. At the hospital where they stayed, Jack and Ma had their own room and Jack was not used to the new room and he wanted to go back to Room. In their new room they had an all new schedule and Jack didnt like the new set-up and new schedule. Later they find out Old Nick had been captured and charged with many things and will be in prison for 25 years.

Jack is having very hard time trying to figure out and cope with the new outside world and on top of that he deals with people acknowledging his braveness in escaping and living in Room his whole life and he got very confused with all this. With all the attention they go on an interview on television and thats where Ma has a mental breakdown and has to stay for help in the mental hospital and Jack has to stay with his grandma and he is trying to live and get used to not living with his Ma anymore After Ma gets better and gets hlp her and Jack move into an ndependence living residence and thats where Jack gets his own room in the new residence. Jack is very happy with his new room but still misses Room and he wants to go back. Ma does not feel comfortable with going back to Room and really doesnt want to go back. Ma ends up taking Jack back to Room on the rainy night when they had got to Room it was blocked off with caution tape. The officer had led Jack and Ma to where room was and Ma had seen that her dead daughter was dug up and not there anymore.

Ma and Jack continued to walk toward Room Ma had broken down crying in the rain and had thrown up all over the grass. Ma got up and continued to Room. When Jack had entered Room he had never realized how small it was and found it empty and not the same. He went to everything he once had and said good bye to everything he had. He said by to everything even Roof and had lastly said bye to Room and asked Ma to also say bye to Room. As Jack looks back at Room he sees it as a crater, a hole where something had happened.

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