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Published: 2020-02-07 06:50:10
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Rugby and American football are very common with each other although there are a few differences between them. In each sport there is a required amount of padding each player must wear in order to be eligible to play on the field. Rugby, unlike football, only has a certain amount of plays that are legal. Regardless of the sport one it takes a great athlete to play and stay conditioned. In American football players are required to wear shoulder pads, helmets, mouth guards, cups, and padding on the legs.

Rugby on the other hand doesnt require anything but a mouth guard. Over and over again almost all players from a rugby team endure endless amounts of pain just during one game. In football its a bad day when more then three players get injured and even then seventy percent of the time its nothing to serious. Where in rugby teethe get knocked out, noses and bones become broken, or even gashes in the eyes. In rugby there are only a few plays that can be run to move the football up field. The ball is not allowed to be passed forward only backwards.

Although it can be kicked in a punt formation up field once every four plays. In football there are on average a hundred different plays for an offense and defense. The ball can be passed forwards, backwards, sideways, as well as punted on fourth downs. Either way it takes a very well dedicated athlete to play football or rugby. Players on each sport spend countless hours in the gym working out and staying in shape. Having practices five days a week, preparing for games they have one day a week.

Each player from rugby and football spend so much time with there teammates to learn about one another there weakness or there strengths. Rugby and American football may have different rules and have different styles each sport is played with determination and skill. Take away the difference in padding and the way the game is played and it all comes down to taking a football and scoring. Although each rugby and football seem like they have a lot of differences its all about who plays the game and those are athletes.

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