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Published: 2019-12-30 19:01:54
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The entire world was recently disturbed by the extensive scandal involving imported and contaminated milk coming from China. One company, the Sanlu Group, is believed to be at the center of this milk scare, and it is even speculated that the company had knowledge of the scandal before it was reported (Indiatimes, 2008).

Sampling of imported milk from the top three Chinese milk companies are already being conducted worldwide, and it is estimated that ten percent of such milk samples are tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical. Several countries already had varying numbers of children affected or dead, resulting from the contamination of the products (Reuters Foundation, 2008).

The said toxic chemical is said to be rich in nitrogen, and it makes the protein level appear higher for milk that has been watered down. Some of the observed harmful effects of melamine on humans, particularly children, are kidney stones and worse, death (Reuters Foundation, 2008).

This scandal not only has deleterious effects for the business of China. Worse, it has caused death and severe health consequences to children in various countries across the world. The disorder resulting from the deaths and other injuries has now spread such that most, if not all, countries are conducting tests to determine whether their milk has melamine content.

Furthermore, there has been a loss of confidence and a growing doubt in the minds of people on the food products coming from China, and this definitely causes riot in the health community, including the experts and the end consumers.


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