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Published: 2020-01-29 19:20:21
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International Foundation Programme Scholarship ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Details TitleMR / MRS / MISS / MS / Other (please give your title) (Please circle as appropriate) Surname or Family Name ______________________________________________________________________ First or Given name ___________________________________________________________________________ What is your date of birth?

What is your Country of birth? ___________________________________________________________________ What is your Country of domicile? ________________________________________________________________ What is your Nationality? ________________________________________________________________________ Home (permanent) address: ______________________________________________________________________

City/Town: ______________________________________________ Postcode: ______________________________ Country: _________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________ Correspondence address (if different from above) or agents stamp: ______________________________________ City/Town: ______________________________________________ Postcode: ______________________________ Country: _________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________ International Foundation Programme Have you already applied for the International Foundation Programme?

_________________________________ If yes, what is your Student Number (If no, you will need to submit your application with this form to be eligible) ____________________________________________________________________ What is your chosen Foundation subject? __________________________________________________________ What is your chosen undergraduate subject? _______________________________________________________ Scholarship Application Supporting Statements Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of both academic performance to date and academic potential, as well as a candidates potential contribution to society.

There is an expectation that award holders will use their Cardiff University qualification to make a future contribution to society, the economy, academia or research. The selectors will therefore pay special attention to the information that you provide below in relation to these areas. Word count: 800 words maximum (approximately 150 words per section). Please attach a separate sheet if necessary. 1. Please state why you believe that you should be considered for the Cardiff University International Scholarship. 2. Please demonstrate any notable academic success or other significant personal achievements.

3. Please outline how this scholarship will assist you in the future. 4. Please demonstrate your awareness of the contribution that you can make to the development of your community, society or nation as a result of obtaining your Cardiff University qualification. 5. Please outline how you would represent Cardiff University in your future education or career. Funding of your Studies Please indicate how you plan to fund the remainder of your studies or living expenses*: Self Funding Government Funding** Private Company Funding Other (please specify) _____________________________

*Please be aware that students must satisfy certain financial requirements as part of their visa application for study in the UK and students should not be solely relying on receiving a scholarship to meet these. **Students receiving full Government funding and/or full scholarship from any other source will not be eligible for a scholarship. Marketing & Public Relations Successful applicants agree to allow Cardiff University and any relevant external scholarship agencies to use the information collected for marketing activities such as: publications, websites, recruitment activities and/or scholarship promotional activities.

Successful applicants also agree to attend any prize-giving events as appropriate and act as an ambassador for Cardiff University at all times. I agree to these terms. Declaration I hereby declare that all of the information in this application is correct. (If you have completed this application electronically, please type your name in the signature space) Signature _______________________________Date ___________________ Completed forms and supporting documents should be sent to: [email protected] ac. uk or IFP office, CAIRD Cardiff University Deri House 2-4 Park Grove Cardiff CF10 3BN ””””””” Day Month Year

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