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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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General Terms

Ecology is the science that studies living beings in relationship with biotic and abiotic environments. (Desjardins) Environmental Justice is being defined as a pursuit to equal justice and equal protection under the law for all statues and regulations without any type of discrimination based on socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and/ or race. (Rajzer, 1997) Environmental Science is a study on the interaction of living and non-living elements in the surrounding environment with emphasis on the impact of humans and these elements. (College) Ethics consists of the general beliefs, values, attitudes, or standards that guide to a responsible behavior. (Desjardins, Environmental Ethics)

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are plants, animals, and other living things created through genetic engineering. It means they take the DNA from different species, plants, animals and create cross breading that in normal circumstances wouldnt occur in nature or in traditional cross breeding. (Green America) Renewable Energy is a source of energy that flows from on-going natural processes such as wind, flowing water, geothermal heat flows, biological processes and most common solar energy. (Science Daily) Sustainability basically creates and helps maintain effective habitats in which people and nature can co-exist in a productive, fulfilling and social economic environment for this and future generations. (EPA)

Schools of Thought

Anthropocentrism is the philosophical belief that human beings are the central most significant creatures in the world. Biocentrism is the thought that every living creature is of equal value in this grand purpose of nature. Ecocentrism is a perspective view that places essential value on all living organisms and their natural habitat, unmindful of their recognized usefulness or importance to humans. Ecophilosophy is a combination of philosophy and ecology.

Hedonism is the pursuit or devotion to pleasure, especially those of the senses. Inherent Value also referred to as intrinsic value to be recognized rather then given. Its value is in itself and not for just its uses. Materialism is a tendency to think and feel as if material objects/possessions are more important then spiritual values. Metaphysical Ecology is a philosophical ecology that has been passed from a concrete scientific conception of ecology in a narrow sense to abstract a philosophical conception of ecology using a philosophical sense of thinking. Minimalism is the act of keeping things or interest very simple. Ethical Extensionism is a disagreement in environmental ethics that good standing should be extended to things such as animals, plants, earth and species that normally are not thought of as having moral standings.

Pluralism is a theory that states there is more than one basic principal or substance. Naturalism is the deception of the physical environment mainly the landscape or the rural environment. Pragmatism a philosophical movement or system having numerous forms, but usually underlining consequences as constituting the crucial criteria in determining the meaning, truth or value. Relativism a theory holding that criteria of judgment are relative, fluctuating with individuals and their environments. Utilitarianism an ethical doctrine value that virtue is based on utility and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people.

The local environmental issue I am talking about is renewable energy. The two schools of thought I am going to associate that with is naturalism and materialism. This particular community issue is affecting us in a way our climate changes and how much pollution there is. The rising heat and temperatures we experience here have an affect on our environment. One article said that our temperature have increased by approximately 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the early twentieth century. (Pollution & Green Energy) Our sea levels have risen at an accelerating rate of about 3.5 mm/year. (Pollution & Green Energy) In order to preserve our natural community I feel we need to start thinking green. Speaking as a minimalist, I am all for going green and help protecting our environment. If we as responsible adults dont teach our children and grandchildren about pollution and the effects of it how will this world be in another twenty years? I am twenty-seven and I can see how much change my community has gone through.

I remember as a kid walking to my grandmothers house and looking down seeing nothing but pollution and trash all over the ground. The naturalist are all for keeping a clean and safe environment. Using renewable energy we can go green and start making plants and crops that are better for you and not full of chemicals. They believe that with using energy efficient appliances and even vehicles will in the long run help the community with this major energy problem we have. The materialistic people in my opinion dont really care about preserving energy and not really care about the gas that pollutes our air. One of the biggest forms of pollution is from non-renewable gasses, which is a major cause for global warming. Ethically speaking the naturalist are trying to help better the community by having state and local leaders imply more sources of renewable energy sources for our use.

The materialistic people can and probably will go on what ever is popular at the time. One of the biggest ethical and even materialistic concerns is the amount of money taxpayers, local and state legislatures will have to spend to add more solar paneled farms and streetlights. Ethics has influenced our way of thinking because the pros for renewable energy will do so good for not only our community but for our world as a whole; where as the pros for non-renewable energy benefit the need for having things done in the now.

The biggest con for renewable energy is the cost and getting more people to believe that it can and will help our community. At the end of the day sit down and think about which option is better for our community. Should we spend the money to provide more useable renewable energy sources or continue to provide non-renewable energy sources that can harm our community and our future generations to come? (Conserve Energy Future)

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