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Published: 2019-12-11 18:32:58
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Curriculum is the blueprint of the set of courses to be taught in a certain school. It serves not just foundation but also a skill that needs to be enhanced and inculcated to students. Establishing a school means establishing the curriculums also. It is a set of ideas, knowledge and proposes mission and vision of the school. Science High School gives privileges to the honor students to enhance their academic knowledge as well competent behavior with other honor students. The main goal of Science High School Curriculum in the Philippines is that the Deped wants to provide an intensive and advance secondary education program with special reference to science.

These schools are separate High Schools as there are certain characteristics that cant be found on a regular high school, specially, with the subjects. The curriculum of these schools has an enriched science, english and mathematics curriculum in accordance with the standards of New Secondary Education Curriculum increasing the number of school hours for the students. The students are chosen according to the recommendation of the principal and their scores in National Achievement Test.

English proficiency is the ability to speak, read, write and comprehend in English. To be considered truly proficient, one should have advanced abilities in all three areas of communication. Sets of assessments are gathered for reading, writing and speaking. English language has macro skills to be mastered. Those are speaking, reading, writing and listening. Listening as an input cannot be assessed or evaluated. Though a student can be good at writing and not with the other skills, he is still not proficient.

There should be a packaged ability where a student can read, write, speak and comprehend. As part of the curriculum of the Filipino students, there are factors affecting their english proficiency. Those are the too much use of the mother tongue, lack of confidence in using the english language and the last is the proper exposure to the language or the students environment.

Science high school curriculum fills the factors that affect the english proficiency of the students in terms of skills the curriculum gives to the students. In terms of proper exposure, teachers according to the Deped order No. 69, s 1993 should have their masters degree, recommended by their area supervisor or should have scored well in the Licensure examination for teachers with only 40 students in any language class, it is also equipped with superior facilities for learning. The students are chosen according to their rankings and recommendation of principal which is evaluated accordingly. The curriculum also add two more elective subjects which is english related, the Speech and Technical and Essay writing, that gives exposure to the side of the students.

Background of the study

English language is the medium instruction in Filipino schools in terms of english related subjects. Department of Education spent money to enhance students english proficiency. The science curriculum which focuses on academic competencies adds elective subjects in english that would fully enhance their proficiency. The focus on the english language is not for the subject but also for the english related subjects such as science and mathematics which considered as major subjects also like english. Being globally competent also means learning the language commonly used which makes the Department of Education focused in English as medium of instruction as it was stated in DepEd order No. 60 s.2008 a policy that strengthens the use of english language as the medium of instruction in the educational system.

The solution presented by the Science high School curriculum by adding elective subjects relating to english is directed to the students that supports the law of exercise of thorndike that it allows the learner to observe his progress. Though it allows the student to observe his progress, a crowded curriculum will make the students benefit but will have them a problem in prioritizing the subjects. Will the science high school curriculum that offers more time in studying the English language be more effective in enhancing the English proficiency of the Grade 7 students than those who havent?

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