Science Its Uses and Abuse Essay

Published: 2019-12-10 16:00:54
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Science is very useful yo us. Its discoveries and inventions make our life comfortable in many ways. They have given us better and quicker means of transport. Trains, buses, cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, ships, electric trains and auto-rickshaws help us to move from one place to another very quickly. Before their appearances people move from one place to another mainly on walk. The rich travelled by the coaches drawn by horses and several men rode upon horses, ponies and camels. They also used carts drawn by bulls and jutkas to travel short distances. They took a long time to reach their destinations. But by trains, motor-cars, ships and planes they travel long distances within a few hours or days. They seem to have brought different parts of the world closer to one another. The mariners compass and the satellites orbiting the earth help them to know the weather conditions, the approach of a storm or a cyclone and the heavy or moderate rainfall.

They are able to warm the fishermen in the time against going to sea when there are symptoms of as storm upon the sea. There are scientific instruments to fathom the depth of the ocean the temperature and the air-pressure at different depths and the various kinds of sea-creatures and sea-plants. This knowledge gives hope to mankind if the earth fails to provide adequate food to humanity they turn to the sea-life for food. In the field of communications, science has given us wonderful aids in the shape of the telephone, the wireless trelegraphy, the radio, the cable and the Television. They help us to communicate with the people who are far away from us. The transport media say, into a small district. Science has enhanced the nature of our entertainments. It has given the radio, the television, and the cinema. Both of them can be used not only for entertainment but also for audio-visual education. With the progress made by medical science, we find that it diagnoses diseases more quickly than before and gives the most helpful treatment to patients. It goes on discovering new diseases, their causes and their causes and their cures.

Even the incurable diseases are now curable. It has started using the scanning method to discover things inside the body, the extact place where a defect is and the quickest way to remove it. The X-ray has been of immense use to photograph the inner part of a section of the body to discover the defect. Anaesthetics are very useful in surgery and at child-birth. The different branches of medical science have advanced so much that they remove the deafness of the deal with hearing-aid, the partial blindness of people with suitable spectacles, and the decayed tooth with an artificial one. Transfusion of blood and transplanting the heart and the kidney are now possible. Diseased hands and legs are amputated and artificial hands and legs are attached. In short, medical science helps us to get of our diseases and enjoy a greater longevity than our forefathers did. Science has given us different kinds of factories and industries. They offer jobs to thousands of people.

Electricity and electrical appliances give us light, energy and help in working machines. Electric lights have removed the fear to darkness and the superstitions concerning ghosts. The printing technology, the photography, the textile industry, the paper industry, the chemical industry, the steel industry, the glass factory, and the leather industry are a few of the industries in which science plays a very useful part. Coming to agriculture we see that science has given us the scientific way of growing crops, insecticides and pesticides, and chemical manures to kill the enemies of plants and make the plants grow well and give us rich to get new varieties. Science helps the engineering field too by offering the modern tools for the construction of houses, bridges, electrical plants, thermal plants, nuclear plants, roads, railways, planes, cars, lorries, buses, ships, helicopters, canals, dams, etc..

In space exploration too science plays an important part. The rockets, the space ships and the instruments kept in them to go upto space television station on the earth get the pictures of the outer space and the planet to which the spaceships are sent. Man has landed on the moon and on Mars. Our knowledge of the outer space is increased by science. Science helps arts and artists as well as humanities. Modern musical instruments are more perfect and simpler than those of a hundred years before.

Electric lighting, the microphone and other accessories help modern artists shine better than their counterparts in the past. Archaeology has improved with the help of science. Paintings, architecture and sculpture use modern implements and techniques. There are instruments and scientific processes to make the ancient inscriptions become clearly visible to us, and to preserve old documents in a better and safer form. The typewriter , the teleprinter, the photostat and the Xerox are the other benefits offered by science to mankind. The pressure cooker, the fridge, the grinder and the washing machine reduce the house wifes daily work.

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