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Published: 2020-01-29 04:51:48
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Money, Money, Money. How much money could Scotland bring in if they werent part of the UK? Well, the answer is YES WE CAN! In fact Scotland would officially be the 6th richest country in the world whereas the UK is currently 17th richest country in the world. Scotland has 24 billion barrels of oil left which can bring in an estimated ? 1. 7 trillion which we would get over 10-20 years. ?1. 7 trillion could, well would boost our economy.

We would be able to make our own decisions as England has a bigger population and England always outnumbers us but if we were independent the Scottish people would be more free to have our say and we would be a better country. Scotland pays some of Englands debts, its like one family paying another families debts. Would you do that? Well thats exactly what Scotland is doing. Plus if we get all our taxes back from down south, every Scot would get ? 510 each year. How about that? One thing that scares people nowadays is the rate of unemployment.

Scotland has a high rate of unemployment epically young adults and older teenagers. Well there could be a change if Scotland becomes Independent. As you may know the UK is part of the European Union. Obviously Scotland would be then taken out of the EU and be a single country. As you may know already people from other European countries are allowed to work in another European Union country such as the UK. Which means less jobs for people from our country because people from other countries our coming into Scotland and taking our jobs.

So if we left the EU and didnt ever go back people from other countries would have to go back to their own country and get jobs there. This means more for us in our country. Then less people would be living on the streets and make your towns look better. But its not just poor people that will get jobs it will be your sons and daughters that will get jobs as well. Another interesting fact about Scotland is that they have 25% of Europes tidal and wind energy which is even more money we will get. If you think about how many countries are in Europe (which is 50 countries) Scotland have 1 quarter of all the wind and tidal energy.

This is another reason point on how we can get money, we sell our goods such as our wind and tidal energy and then other countries invest in them bringing in more money. One thing that Scotland already gets is tourism. This is where a lot of our money comes in from at the moment but if we were independent more people would know where and what Scotland is all about. Things that attract people from other countries are things like Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness Monster and the Cairngorm Mountains. These attractions can bring in a big profit.

Scottish government has a very good education system as we have 5 out of the top 200 universities in the whole world and theres an average of 40 universities in each country but it depends on the size of each country. Our most famous university is St. Andrews. And once again more money from foreigners who would have to get their acceptation into one of our universities, their fees for the university, transport, food and sometimes a flat unless sometimes the university has accommodation or they have relatives that already have bought or a flat in Scotland.

Other countries that have been very successful now being independent are countries like Norway or the Republic of Ireland. If we proceed or expand on the points that I have talked about then we could be as successful or even more successful than them. We could bring in lot of money more than some people think as a lot of people dont want independence think that we will be a poorer country than we would when we are part of the UK. Well this is why Im writing this persuasive text to you because I want to prove that Scotland would be better of not part of the UK. Mind you there are always bad points in these sorts of cases but not many.

One of the biggest questions is how Scotland will defend itself, well we would have a much smaller army but we would save millions and millions of pounds. Another point is that British ness is dying, Scotland could have a fresh start as we have our own parliament, our own laws and we wouldnt have any of Englands silly laws and we could have our own new laws plus we have a good legal system. Well in conclusion you and I should think that Scotland would be a better country without the UK. We would bring in a lot of money, which would keep Scotland Independent for a long, long time. Overall Scotland would be better of without the UK.

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