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Published: 2020-02-21 10:31:00
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I want to include the BMW logo on the top middle and my logo on the top right so when people open a letter they can see straight away, that it is a letter from the BMW company. And after that they see my logo and know from what BMW company. compliment slips: I want to include BMW logo and my own logo beside each other on the bottom right. So you can find it straight away, when you are looking through a bunch of compliment slips. 3-folded leaflet: I want to include my and BMWs logo on the bottom, beside each other, on the last page. So when you looked through it you see what company it is from.

Also I want to put a little BMW logo in the middle of the first page. These are the two logos: BMWs on the right and my one on left: Design In my design I will decide between 3 3-folded leaflets, 3 business cards, 3 headed paper and 3 compliment slips. I will design everything myself and I will produce the chosen design for my company: Seiler BMW London I will design all of my product by hand on the following pages. I will include some of the information I analysed on my collected BMW product. I also have to include the BMW logo and my logo on every product. On the following pages I will show you 3 sketches of every Item I want to produce.

I will choose on of these and tell you why Ive chosen it. On the next page I will how you 3 headed paper designs. I will show every design (of the product) to people and get their opinion. They will choose with me what product I am going to produce because it is not important if I think that the product is good but the people have to tell me if it is good. So every produced product was chosen by me and the opinion of the people Ive asked. I will show now ones more the BMW logo and my logo (Seiler BMW London) so I can show the EXACT colour I have to use on my products: Dark Blue White Black Grey (letters).

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