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Published: 2018-02-09 04:06:58
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Self awareness is a personal quality which makes an individual to perceive about the happenings around him. It is also defined as a personal character that enlightens a person about various aspects of self and society. What is the research problem or topic? It may include the understanding about the personality development, health aspects, scientific developments and legal aspects. It ma also make a person to develop an idea about the commercial or economical issues that may benefit the person directly or indirectly. Self awareness is a prerequisite in the present day society to lead a dignified life.

Why was this topic selected? In general, the self awareness is found to be very high in developed nations compared to the developing nations. Moreover, the success of democracy depends mainly on the level of self awareness of the people. This is true because the maturity level of voters will be high in judging the right candidate if self awareness is high. Why is it important? Irrespective of the subject, the self awareness helps the individual and society equally in development in broader sense. Hence the stress on self awareness is very important in any modern society.

What you hoped to achieve by selecting this topic? The main objective of selecting this topic is that there is a strong necessity to assess the level of self awareness in any society which helps in self development and progress of society. This topic will enlighten us the about challenges faced by us in meeting the full target of self awareness and one can evolve the strategies to develop higher levels of self awareness. Conclusion The review of literature will be made to ascertain the present level of self awareness and the possible improvements will be made for higher levels of self awareness.

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