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Published: 2020-01-03 22:50:27
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Everyone has his characters to lead him to success. In other words, characters such as cheerful are unique and these are the factors to make them achieving their goal. In my case, I am stubborn to do anything, including my study even playing basketball. In my secondary school life, my teacher told me that I was headstrong and enlarged the unhappiness to make my emotion in trouble. I just realize what he told me before when I faced my HKAL exam but I find that this character can guide me to reach my goal.

To get in University, I spent so much time on it and I encounter many problems and failures, especially in English. However, obstinacy helps me to tackle with the problems and finally I achieve my aim. I kept spending over 10 hours every day around a year to prepare my HKAL exam when I was form 7 student. I expected I can get a good result in the exam but unfortunately I was fail in my UE subject. This made me to be disappointed and helpless because the HKAL exam was replaced by the DSE exam. It means that there are no second chances for HKAL candidates to retake the exam and they have to seek other ways to continue their studies. Without any option, associate degree is my only way to reach my goal and I planned to spend a year to obtain a degree offer. Finally, the dream comes true and I can major in my favourite subject. Obstinacy causes me to keep chasing my goal even I faced many problems and failures. Sometime it motivates a person to keep moving on and achieve success.

However, stubborn character makes my emotion in trouble duo to the enlargement of the sadness. I always recall the unhappiness and enlarge it by my imagination. In fact the issues may not be that negative as I think and I am not willing to seek any help. My mental health is suffered by this character and I have to learn to deal with it. Over insisting on my point also is one of my drawbacks. Sometimes when I discuss or work with others to make a consensus, I take a firm stand on my view and do not want to consider the others ideas. Thus the teamwork and morale are damaged by the conflicts

Even I am suffered by the obstinate character, it practices me to be tough to cope with problems. It also benefits my future career in education. I can share my experience about how to face the failures to encourage students to pursue their goal. Also obstinacy can help me to tackle with the problems as I faced before.

Obstinacy is not just a negative impact for a person. For me, it also motivates me to move on and helps me to reach my goal.

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