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Published: 2020-02-08 20:00:06
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The innovative practice that will be used for this paper is the implementation of a computer-based learning tool for 4th graders learning about geometry. This computer-based tool allows the visualization of various geometric concepts such as point, length, area, and volume. It is expected that with this innovation, students would be able to appreciate the lessons on area and volume better and well beyond that of an understanding that this confined in the formulas in finding the area and volume of different shapes and objects.

In implementing this innovation the resources required are the use of the schools computer laboratory, the license to the use of the computer program that can be modified for the purpose of the lesson, and a well-oriented teacher to facilitate the lesson and discussion. The computer program to be used is Mathematica; a specialized computer software usually used in undergraduate courses. However, it has some features which may be modified to be applicable to even 4th graders.

This feature is the plot-graph feature which can show how areas and volumes as they are formed in real-time. The training required for teachers to be able to execute this activity and guide students in doing so is minimal. There is no need to become familiar with the entire software since the particular feature can be learned on its own. The training session can be done in the computer laboratory with all the grade 4 teachers participating.

Once the teachers are familiar with the feature, they will be able to introduce this to their classes. A comparative assessment can be made between students who were taught the topics of area and volume using the software and those who were taught using the standard methods currently being used. Possible difficulties in implementing this innovation include budget and facilities constraints and teacher inhibition towards modernization.

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