Shoplifting: Restorative Justice Program Essay

Published: 2020-02-04 21:00:15
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Please accept this letter as my apology for shoplifting on the evening of Tuesday, December 11th, 2012. At the time of this incident, when Taylor and I were walking into Walmart there were no plans to shoplift. We went in and started looking around, we went to the make up section and Taylor had earlier mentioned she had heard of a really good eye liner so I had gone with her to cheak out this eye liner. I had already heard of the eye liner so I had simply said it a good eye liner, the next thing I noticed she was unwrapping the make up. As we were walking towards the back of walmart by the toys, there were christmas stalkings, Taylor put the garbage in a stalking and said lets go.

We proceeded to ladies wear where Taylor took the chocolate bars out of the wrappers because it was a four pack of chocolate bars and we went to leave. I knew it was wrong but I didnt stop it nor did I tell anyone. My actions have effected Walmart by stoplifting because now to they have to pay the debts by raising the prices on some items, which also effects the community. Now, Walmart can also not hire people till this is payed off. To help out the community I have agreed to complete 7 community sevice hours, write an essay and a letter of apology. I have learnt my lesson. This whole situation has made me realize how serious shoplifting really is and how bad it effects the community.

Im thankful I got the chance to go through the John Howard, Restorative Justice Program. I can ensure you this will never happen again, I cant even descibe how guilty I feel, I never even though it would effect people because so many people do pay and they are making a fair profit but it was never really a topic. The way i effected my community has had an impact on me and Im going to make things right. Promise. Im sorry for shoplifting at Walmart.

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