Should Begging Be Ban? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Around public places in mega cities, including, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh scatter several people begging for money. They look so miserable with insufficient and disheveled clothes, no food and eyes wandering aimlessly. By passers, out of their sympathy, throw some coins and notes into these beseeching peoples hats used as money collection boxes while most go by without a glance and even eye them with a strong despise What is the hell these people are doing, standing in peoples way and why dont they work hard to make money and Such lazy bastards, they believe.

Is that act really as despicable as condemned by some? To certain extent, some young and healthy people whose labor capacity is in a perfect state, by all means, lower their so-called human value by leading such a life of parasites like that. Also, the face of the entire city might deform with lines of people looking dirty and dragging themselves throughout streets, posing a hurdle to traffic, especially in rush hours. Foreigners, upon their arrival, cannot help but wonder What is on earth the government doing to allow people to adopt this lifestyle? and feel strongly irritated when their journeys cannot enjoy fun-filled days with the periodical interference of those guys who keep soliciting for money, and another trouble even arises because of the funny fact that if one beggar is given money by the virtue of a na¯ve visitor, others will quickly surround this guy like bees happily finding their honey after a day of hunger. In the long run, once the existence of such culture takes root, the society greatly suffers: more people giving up their career to follow a lifestyle of enjoying things without lifting a finger to make it happen. The stark example now in Vietnam is the appearance of a village where people see it as their professional career and some even become millionaires, ironically.

Others view it as acceptable. What are about hearing, sight -impaired and other disadvantaged people who are born not to be lucky and reluctant to become beggars? It is, though, argued that there is no absolute equality in this life, and in stead of finding excuses for their misfortune, they should find out what they can do to survive- A basic instinct of any species in the world. Newspapers have, in fact, given a series of cases about those people whose life is deprived by accidents and natural disasters and who are ready to pick up pieces to start all over. In case of resting on this, the entire Japanese society should, as well, have been these miserable guys, since hardly does a week go by here, devoid of a shattering of earth which can claim their lives and destroy everything in its wake. But do they resign their lives to the destiny of being born in an unfavorable location of the world map? Last, lets look at the mirror miniature in Da Nang where the governor decides to implement of begging-free city. After some years of his utmost trying to exterminate, Da Nang has gone into Vietnams history as a city of peace, assiduity and the most advanced urbanization. The old -day beggars now have no other choice to be factory workers who toil their day thanks to their hard-earned money.

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