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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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According to a recent survey of Education Newspaper, what cause students to be frightened the most is exams. Some students say that the exams should be abolished because they make students absolutely anxious and stressful. However, the exams play an important role in schools life and also have many advantages. So I believe that the exams should not be abolished because of some reasons. The most important reason is that exams are a method to examine students level and .Depending on results of exams; teachers can determine how students acquire knowledge. If marks are from 7-10 that mean students apprehend well the content of subjects, teachers will give them some difficult exercises to help students develop their creation. On the other hand, if marks are below 7 that mean students dont understand clearly the subjects.

In addition, after doing exams, students can know more about their knowledge. Students will determine what are weak points, where are the holes in their knowledge. From these, students review these parts in order not to puzzle when do them later Another reason is that exams make students to study harder. Some fast or mini exams will force students to attend the classes frequently.Some teachers dont want to remind when students have mini exams. Any time teachers see some interesting exercises, teachers will gives students do those which are like mini tests. If students dont attend class those days, they will lose one or two column marks, which make their mid-term results low Its true that exams make students stressful and anxious. Some students say that when exams come near, they have to cram a lot of lesson in short time, which make them exhaust.

That is the reason why students wish exams would be abolished. However, these pressures arent caused by exams but students. During the studying, students should take note the main points of each subject and review after classes. And when they have exams, they just read again but can remember the important information. They no longer feel stressful in order to cram the lessons. Moreover, if there are no the exams, how can students examine their levels? They study more and more, but they dont know what the destinations are and how many percents they apprehend the knowledge after studying. As the result, they feel vague and bored. In the end, students studying will not be effective if there are no exams. Although they make students absolutely anxious, they shouldnt be abolished.

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