Should the State Try to Make You a Better Person Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The importance of becoming a better individual relies on a personal desire of satisfying the necessity of being accepted in a society. Most individuals want to be better people in order to be happier and be able to enjoy life, but is it government responsible to make better people? The answer to this question is not easy, being better is a biased topic in which each person has a different perception about being better.

Better people is not easy to delineate, people live under different standards founded on their own values or morals that are often compare with others views. However, government should not be responsible to make people better. Government must support individuality and autonomy, equally protecting all citizens human and civil rights; respecting individual decisions about personal matters taken according to own values. Government must support individuality and autonomy as an effort to make people responsible for their own actions.

Personal autonomy refers to the ability to objectively self-enforce regulations. This concept is grounded on different perceptions involving moral obligation and responsibility. Citizens have a moral and ethical obligation when making personal decisions related to the type of people they want to be. The personal desire of becoming a better individual is a personal choice based on personal beliefs related to the integrity, honesty, kindness and morals; these standards are not created or regulated by the government.

These philosophies are based on factors involving economic, social and emotional aspects that influence individual perception of the reality. It is governments obligation to protect individuals but not to dictate them; as said it by former president Thomas Jefferson, Man is not made for the State, but the State for man, and it derives its powers from the consent of the governed. Governments responsibility is not to make better people but to protect peoples human and civil rights letting them to decide what kind of people want to be.

The equally protection of human and civil rights should be a priority for the government. Defending peoples rights implies the creation and enforcement of laws and regulation that should be followed by the citizens in order to keep the balance and peace of the society. These regulations should guarantee all citizens an equal opportunity to make ethical and responsible decisions regarding their personal objectives without affecting others rights. The government was reated by people to the people to work as a mediator reconciling and providing to the population with conventional solutions to the possible disagreements among the citizens of the society avoiding injustices and ruling with fairness; taking under consideration free will, the right to make personal decisions based on reason rather than instinct. Making a government responsible for personal choices promotes dependence; mutilating individuality and autonomy.

It must be peoples responsibility to make the decision of being a better person and it is government obligation to respect personal desires and individual goals of the citizens. It is the peoples right to take the necessary actions to achieve a higher level in life. The right to be a better person is not a guarantee, it is a right and it must be protected by the law. The founding fathers considered the right to become a better individual to be important, living life as people choose, having the liberty to become the person that each individual wants to be based on their own values and morals.

People must be free to choose their values and their means as well the actions needed to become the person they want. Although prohibitions and regulations can constrain people to please their desires if those wishes lack or moral obligation; government can interfere with individual goals if those goals somehow affect others peoples rights. Every human being has certain standards that are often compared with others in order to give a personal meaning to the word better. The meaning of being a better person is predisposed; it can be based on different factors such as economic, emotional or social among others. In order to know if people is becoming better it is necessary to compare two different situations related to a specific matter. This comparison is influenced by personal preferences, conditions and desires clouded by assumptions created on experiences or previous knowledge. Therefore, government should not be responsible for making better people.

The State is obligated to guarantee the individuality, autonomy and the safe to all citizens of its society as a whole; providing infrastructure and a nonviolent place that promotes an environment dedicated to maximize independence and autonomy; making its citizens to grow as human beings while equally protecting their individuals human and civil rights. It is peoples responsibility to become better individuals by making responsible choices based on own morals and principles without affecting others lives and understanding that personal beliefs ends where other individuals beliefs begins.

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