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Carl Jung worked with Sigmund Freud, who assumed the unconscious mind was a personal thing within an individual . But Carl Jung saw the unconscious mind as the inherited part of the human psyche that could not be developed from personal experience. The collective unconscious is expressed through archetypes, which are universal symbols and thoughts that influence the way we express our emotions and actions. Its the way we connect with each other and understand things. Archetypes are recurring plot patterns, images, descriptive detail, and characters that are expressed in stories, dreams and religions.

The unconscious emotions in ourselves are evoked when we recognize these archetypes. Nature vs. Mechanical World This type of plot pattern is used to show that nature is good rather than technology and society which are seen as bad. Nature represents purity and good, while technology represents evil and corruption. The Ritual The ritual marks a translations to a new role in society. An example of this is the sorting hat that is used in Harry Potter to initiate the students in one of the four houses.

A ritual in Hamlet would be Claudius and Gertrudes wedding because it lets us know that Claudius is the new king and shows Claudius new role in society. Symbols Symbols such as black cats that represent bad luck and four leaf clovers that represent good luck are universal and helps an audience understand events in a story. For example the use of the snake venom used to kill the old king makes us connect that to the story of Adam and Eve because we see a snake as someone who causes trouble.


Follows the plot of a story from going to an undesirable state to a desirable state. Tragedy The opposite of comedy; going from a desirable state to an undesirable state. Darkness Darkness is associated with the unknown and a sense of despair. It brings an eerie mood to the setting. In Hamlet, the ghost appears at night in the wilderness where its foggy, tying these three archetypes together to have an ever greater impact. This archetype of darkness is portrayed in the Lion King. Mufasa tells Simba ¦ everything the light touches is our kingdom.

which also shows their power. The difference between Mufasa and Scars land is that Scars land is shown to be dark, dusty, and empty, relfecting his persona. While Mufasas land is full of light, reflecting Mufasas good personality. The Unfaithful Wife Described as someone who is in a relationship who has feelings for someone else. Gertrude is the prime example for this because of this quote: O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason][Would have mournd longer married with my uncle,][My fathers brother ¦

[She married O most wicked speed! To past][With such dexterity to incestuous sheets! ][It is not, nor it cannot come to good. ] Hamlet lets the audience see Gertrude as an unfaithful wife because we feel pity for him due to the fact that it actually would be horrible kowing your mom married some other guy after your dad died. The ghost also portrays Gertrude as an unfaithful wife by saying: O wicked wit, and gifts that have the power][So to seduce! won to his shameful lust][The will of my most seeming-virtuous queen.

The unfaithful wife archetype is seen throughout many other stories, movies, and even real life situations. If you look at any teen angst shows there is always a couple where the boyfriend/girlfriend fall for someone else while in the relationship. Most people find nothing wrong with this kind of person cheating because we all have that unconscious thought that makes us root for the underdog. Perfect Woman Is the character in stories that the main character falls in love with. Isnt necessarily a woman, it can be a man or even something that just brings out the best in the hero.

I feel that Ophelia starts out as the perfect woman, seeing as her and Hamlet have a relationship, but it ends due to Hamlet going crazy. You can questions whether she is the perfect woman for Hamlet because if they were perfect together they wouldnt have had such a tragic ending. Death Is the antagonist blocking the heros path. Every story has some sort of antagonist whether it may be another person or even a personal conflict that the hero is trying to overcome. Claudius is seen as the antagonist to Hamlet and is also attempting to stop Hamlet from revealing anything about the murder Claudius committed.

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