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Need some ideas to entertain the kids? Whats in the bag? is a great game to play on a rainy day or even at the kids birthday parties! You can make it suitable for whatever age group you are entertaining, which is one of the reasons this game is a perfect game for any time of year! Number of players: 1 to lots What you need: non-transparent bag lots of household objects Activity: A great guessing game that you can make entirely age appropriate. Put a few things in the bag from around the house like paperclips, a coin, a lime, a toy car, a dog biscuit, a rock, etc.

Let your child reach into the bag and choose an object. Encourage them to feel it, roll it in their hands and imagine what it might be. Ask them to guess before pulling it out. For older children, make the objects less defined by their shape. Hide and Seek No list of indoor games would be complete without Hide and Seek, now would it? In this classic game, one person (It) covers his or her eyes and counts aloud while the other players hide. When It is finished counting, he or she begins looking for the hiders. The last hider to be found is the next It.

Warning: this game is often a source of giggle fits. Families with older children might want to take things up a notch and play Hide and Seek in the dark. Just to be safe, make sure there are no loose items on the floor. If you want, allow It to carry a flashlight or turn the lights on once It finishes counting. Treasure hunt Kids love finding hidden objects ” especially when theres a prize at the end. Simply write your clues on some slips of paper ” get creative. Place the first clue somewhere easy to find, like inside your childs snack or cereal bowl.

Then leave as many clues as you like around the house, making a trail to the final clue. Instead of a prize, the treasure hunt can lead to various coins around the house. This way the kids get to collect all the coins and put them in their piggy banks in the end. Picnic memory game Former preschool director and grandmother of three, Marsha Colla, has some innovative games up her sleeve, including this fun and simple verbal memory game, which, Colla says, challenges the children and makes them giggle. To play, everyone sits in a circle.

The first player says, In my basket for the picnic, I packed¦, and then says what item he or she packed. The next player then says, In my basket for the picnic, I packed¦, and then recites what the first player packed and adds his or her own item to the basket, and so forth. Simon Says This traditional favourite will never get old. To start, choose one player (probably a parent for the first round) to be Simon. The rest of the players will gather in a circle or line in front of Simon as he calls out actions starting with the phrase Simon says: Simon says¦touch your toes.

The players then have to copy Simons action, touching their toes. If Simon calls out an action without uttering the phrase Simon says, the kids must not do the action. If a child touches his toes when Simon didnt say¦, he or she is out of the game. There are lots of great ways Simon can trick players into doing actions when Simon didnt say: Simon can perform an action without uttering a command, for example, or he can perform an action that doesnt correspond with the command. Fun! The last player left in the game wins and becomes the next Simon.

Touch-and-feel box Most preschoolers flock to the classroom sensory table as soon as the teachers pull it out. So there is little doubt they will love this entertaining challenge. Find a shoe box or any box that has a lid on it. Cut a hole in one of the sides of the box ”large enough for your child to fit her hand in. If you want, get creative and decorate the box with glitter and question marks. When youre ready to play, put an item inside the box and have your children guess what it is. They can ask questions about the item if they need to, or you can offer clues.

Get as ooey-gooey as you wish (fresh pumpkin seeds or slimy spaghetti are great choices for Halloween), or use such simple objects as a brush, a toy, a piece of fruit. To make it competitive, you can give a point to the first child to name the object. What creature am I? game This is a fun kids party game that will have your little ones laughing as they are challenged to solve the riddle of what animal they have been given. Its a great learning game too as kids find out all about the different animals, large and small, that live in our wonderful world. Number of players: 2+ What you need:

Old nature magazines or newspapers with animal pictures Scissors Glue Cardboard Safety pins Activity: Cut pictures of various animals out of the magazines or newspaper. Glue the pictures to a piece of cardboard to make them sturdier like playing cards. Punch a hole in the centre top of the card and use a safety pin to attach a card to the back of each childs shirt or dress. Give the kids some starter questions to ask each other to get clues as to the animal on their outfit. Enjoy as they learn about animals of all types. Animal cards Inspire their imaginations with a fun game of animal cards.

This easy kids activity is a great year-round art and craft project and will let your kids imaginations take flight as they create and invent new and amazing creatures! Number of players: 2+ What you need: index cards crayons or markers Activity: Start by placing the index cards horizontally on a table with the blank side up do two rows with one row stacked directly on top of the other. Encourage your child to draw a head on the top card and a matching body and legs and feet on the bottom card. Let them create as many as they can think of. A number of games can be played with the completed batch of cards.

Let your child mix the heads and bodies of the different animals to create hilarious creatures. Or, turn them over and play a game of match each player gets to choose two cards and if they match, they are a pair and count as one match. This is repeated while the players get more familiar with what is on the underside of each card and more and more pairs are matched. The one with the most matches wins! Doggy, doggy wheres your bone? Doggy, doggy, wheres your bone is a fun kids party game that will engage and entertain kids of all ages. You can play indoors or outdoors, as a family or with friends.

This kids activity is a winner every time. Number of players: 4+ What you need: simple object, for example a paperclip or coin chair blindfold (optional) Activity: One child is chosen to be IT and plays the role of the dog. He or she sits in a chair with their back to the group. A paperclip or coin is placed under the chair. This is the bone. While the dog is turned backward with his or her eyes closed (blindfold is optional) someone quietly steals the bone and hides it usually they just sit on it or hide it in their cupped hands. Then everyone sings: Doggy, doggy, wheres your bone?

Somebody stole it from your home. Then the dog has three chances to guess who took it. If the dog guesses right, then he gets to do it again. If he guesses wrong, than the person who had the bone gets a turn as the dog. Usually, all of the children will try to look guilty by sheltering their laps or holding their hands together as if they have the bone. Hot potato Hot potato is a party game guaranteed to get the kids and grown-ups laughing. Play with the whole family or leave it to the kids as they discover the fun and excitement of racing the music to pass the potato! Number of players:

5+ What you need: music small beanbag or stuffed sock Activity: Arrange the children sitting in a circle. Pass a beanbag around the circle to music, pretending that the beanbag is a very, very, very hot potato. When the music stops, the person holding the beanbag is out. The music starts again and the remaining children continue passing the hot potato until the music stops. The last person in the circle is the winner. Scavenger hunt This is a great party game that all children will love as they can play it outdoors or indoors. There is lots of searching and finding involved!

What you need: items to hide make sure there is as many as one item as there are kids. So, ten kids, ten buttons. paper bag pen Activity: Give each player a list of objects to find and collect within a determined length of time. Write the list on a paper bag, which can then be used for collecting the items. The list can be made up of items like a piece of string, a flower, a leaf, a stone etc. The first to collect all items on the list is the winner. Sleeping lions Sleeping lions is a great birthday party game and kids activity to help them wind down after an exciting day.

Your children will learn to be still and calm down in the process. Definitely a favourite end-of-day party activity essential! Number of players: 5+ Activity: Have all of the children (except one or two hunters) lie down on the floor in sleeping positions. Once they are settled, they are not allowed to move you might use the language freeze so they fully understand the object of the game. The hunters walk through the room and try to make the sleeping lions move by making them laugh, telling them jokes, and so on. However, the hunters are not allowed to touch the lions.

Once any lion moves they are tapped and get up and join the hunters. The last child still on the floor wins! Statues Kids love to dance like crazy but when the music stops they have to freeze into statues! See who laughs or giggles first as there will be plenty of smiling children playing this classic kids birthday party game. Number of players: 3+ What you need: music Activity: Have the children spread out in a room or on the patio. Start the music and the children can go nuts dancing and being silly. Stop the music and all of the children must freeze in whatever position they are in.

Watch the children for any movement the first person to move goes out. Then restart the music and repeat until only one person is left the winner! Bean bag throw This is a fun activity is suitable for kids of all ages that is perfect for birthday parties as well as a backyard game. What you need: Small bean bags (or make your own using socks, dried beans and rubber bands) Activity: Purchase bean bags suitable for tossing, or create your own with dried beans, socks and rubber bands. Draw a pony or a heart on the side of a cardboard box (or print and cut out one of the pictures from our online Colouring Book.

Cut a hole in the box, large enough for the bean bags to be thrown through easily. Place the box about ten feet away and give each child several chances to toss the bean bags through the hole. Alternately, you can place images of ponies directly on the floor and try to land the bean bags on the ponies. Fingers out Never worry about the kids getting bored in the car again. Simply have them play Fingers out and they will be kept busy with this fun guessing game. Number of players: 2+ Activity: Have the kids face each other and put out one hand each.

One the count of three, the children should extend between one and three fingers. The kids will shout out a the number of fingers they think they and the other player will show. It will be a number between one and six. Once the fingers have been revealed, add them up and whichever child has guessed the number correctly scores two points. The closest guess scores one point. Follow the leader Discover the natural born leaders at the party with this simple game that everyone can play. With actions to suit every age group, this classic party game is sure to please. Number of players:

4+ What you need: a group of children Optional: an obstacle course Activity: Line children up and designate one leader who they are to follow around. To begin with, you may want an adult to lead so kids get the idea. Its up to the leader to decide the actions or paths the children take. Begin with simple actions like: hand on heads star jumps sit down stand up If an obstacle course is available, take the kids on a journey. The children can climb over, under or around things makes for even greater excitement. Change leaders and give every child a go at leading the others.

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