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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Thou blinds man mark one of Sir Philip Sidneys most famous poem, he writes about desire. In the poem Sir Philip Sidney complains about desire yet he shows us how he was able to overcome desire. He starts off in the poem by saying the following Thou Blind Mans mark, thou fools self chosen share He uses the sentence as a metaphor to compare desire to a snare. Sidney sees desire as a trap, if were to get a hold of ones life. Sidney also compares desire to a Web of will which interprets his meaning of it as a trap. The trap is strong on its victims and has very prominent effects.In the second stanza Sidney exclaims Desire, desire! I have too dearly brought.

Sidney uses all these as repetition to show his true feelings of how desire has truly made him undeniably suffer. It shows how much time he has wasted instead of worrying on the more important thing life beholds. He learned to pay for desire with a Mangled mind The toughest thing was getting over it but Sidney shows desire wouldnt completely engulf him.In the beginning of the sestet he blatantly speaks of his overcoming of desire, though it did control most of his life. He uses anaphora to highlight desire In vain thou hast ruin sought. In the ending of the third stanza, the speaker gives us the idea of him not being able to fall in desire, virtue brought him back.

It gives a great turn point on the complexity of his life.The end is quite overwhelming along with the last two lines of the poem. He speaks of reward after everything he has gone through with desire. To the end of the poem it reads Destiny naught but how kill desire. The paradox enforces that even though he has overcome it doesnt mean he is finished with. Further more in thou Blind Mans Mark Sidney couldnt truly conquer desire because it is a lifelong battle and that trying to control it can destroy s person in the process. It isnt something you can live without but live with and battle.

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