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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Weve all applied to a job and didnt get it. Did you ever think to yourself it was some type of discrimination? Social and racial discriminations happen all the time in the workplace. You may be turned down from a job because of your race, social status, or even your gender. Many times in the workplace people are deemed unfit for the position, but why? Why should it matter if youre a female or male for certain jobs positions? Who says a male cant preform the job to potential as a female or visa versa?

If you walk into a Claires, per say, it will be all women working there and Im sure when males walk in they feel discriminated to ask for an application because all they see is females working in there; Its a double standard contraception. However, its how society implies how or what kind of roles the male or female should contribute to the work environment. I for one have thought of applying for a certain job that society would not expect a young man to partake in, so sadly knowing I would have fulfilled the job exceptionally suitable did not take it because I cared about what other people thought of.

Race is one of the biggest struggles for many perfectly applicable people who would fulfill the desired job they want to apply for. One of the most sensitive subjects that have been around for decades would be peoples race. I have two close friends, whom are extremely hard working, book smart, and have great social skills who applied for a high end job down south after college. They were turned down =, and for what? What color they were? This is one of the biggest disappointments our society still has to deal with to this day.

Perfectly adequate young men or women could perform any job they believe and work hard for and they should NEVER be turned down for their race. Because who would know if that certain raced man or woman would have executed that job better than lets say the white raced man or woman? The way people look is another example of a high social injustice situation. The benefit of the doubt is the proper mindset of what every interviewer should have.

Say a man comes into an interview with tattoos and wearing jeans and a dirty button up, yes, they look like they dont care but thats all they can afford to look like until they are hired and get a job. Vs. a man who comes in tight suit, brief case and put together. The man with the tattoos is a hard workingman and has all the exceptional social skills they need to fulfill the job, and the man in the suit is only book smart and has no patience to work with people. The interviewer picks the man with the suit because he looks more suitable for the job. That is not acceptable.

The other man would no doubt work extremely hard to make sure he executed his job to the highest standards. But what our society and the work place wants is who will be the fresh face that is the face for the company. The benefit of the doubt is dying in these kinds of situations because our society these days expects a certain kind of person to be dealing with customers and when doing so, look a certain way. Im sorry but our society these days, is just not right. And we all need to start giving the benefit of the doubt and know what the real face of the company is.

All these examples of Social Injustice are what real people are living through/with every day of their lives and its man vs. society when they deal with these situations. Its just not right that there are people out there who think its acceptable to turn down adequate males or females who could perform a job better than people they hire whom they think they can. And if there is a day that it happens to myself I will stick up for myself and prove that person wrong because all the people who have been turned down know what they are capable of and its not fair they dont get the chance to show what they can do.

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