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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Imagine a 62³ man with broad shoulders, deep voice, hairy body, masculine personality, and pink glittery nail polish. His friends give him a hard time about it, they say that he is not a real man. He decides to hang out with more woman and when more and more people start to consider him gay, he becomes it. Men do not have the wiggle room to explore the feminine stereotypes. Masculine stereotypes are more confining than feminine stereotypes in the social and professional world. Social masculine stereotypes are more confining than feminine stereotypes.

Men are more strictly contained while women are more open to explore a variety of stereotypes. In a recent, USA Today article Gender Stereotypes author Seine Wenig writes on a strict line drawn between masculine and female stereotypes. Yet how this line is slowly fading the woman. Wenig reiterates how for girls There is ample room to maneuver and how Ever-growing range of tomboys sports options which in the past were mostly the domain of boys. Girls can now be free and engage in activities and sports which boys dominate.

While male stereotypes and stereotypical fathers cause men to have a more confined space in which they could explore and move due to the fact that stereotypical fathers expect athletic success rather than academic success. Girls are Given more room to explore their counterparts culture while males are stuck in a much tighter box to move about in meaning they are not able to explore the feminine stereotypes. Therefore ,masculine stereotypes are more confined than feminine stereotypes in the social aspect.

Masculine stereotypes are more professionally confining than feminine stereotypes. There are fewer choices for careers for men that then for women due to stereotypes. In a 2011 article from USA Today, Gender Stereotypes Easing More for Girls than Boys. Author Seth Wenig describes the ultimate confinement for men in the professional mainstream society. He restates how, women now make up close to half to enrollment in US law and medical schools up from 25% a few decades ago.

Now due to the ever-changing world girls now have more choices for careers then their male counterparts. More females are going and graduating from schools which prepare them for a lifelong career not just being nurse as it was thought to be in the past. Men choose not to be nurses because main stream society would not find being a nurse very masculine because it is a mostly female occupied feel due to the fact it has to do with the Female stereotype of caring for another human being.

Women are given more opportunities than men to succeed in the professional world, which leave men with fewer choices for careers. Therefore masculine stereotypes are more professionally confining than feminine stereotypes. Addressing the problems of social standards of man and woman requires the ultimate settlement of what it means to be a man and what it what it means to be a woman. Men do not have them of wiggle room to explore the female stereotypes while free to roam all round all stereotypes.

When a female try to succeed in a mostly male dominant profession, she is led to shine while when a man tries to do the same he is shun. If men continue to be confined by so societal standards, this will cause a civilization in which it is easier to be a woman than to be a man. Leading men to either join the female standard and gender or collapse under the confinement of their own standards.

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