Society, Culture and its Effects on the Behavior Essay

Published: 2019-11-24 02:30:48
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There are so many races of human all over the world; we have extensive variations of people, society, and culture. They say that in a given society the distinguishing factor of its people is culture then the culture defines the norms and beliefs. With these several factors alone we become exclusive, unique, and exceptional human beings.

            Culture affects the way we behave, the way we perceive things, and the way we deal with certain situations. According to the social construction theory, culture produces the society exclusive ways to perceive things, express emotions and the way we experience them. However, there are aspects of emotion that are innate, and universal which means it is the same all across nations and societies and there are other aspects which are constructed by the society in different ways and by different cultures.

American culture, norms and beliefs

            United States, generally speaking, is a liberated country; our culture is totally different from other nations culture. Nowadays, American culture has been spread globally. Many of other nations culture have been influenced by America but others remain constant with what culture they have.

Say for example, after turning eighteen a child is allowed to separate from his parents and he or she can live alone. Unlike in other cultures, most especially in the continent of Asia, they practice extended families. This kind of culture of ours is effective expressing our rights as human beings who are given free will to do what we want to do but in other culture they do not consider it as good as the way we do. When I know I am right I tell my mother my insights; this is just an expression of my freedom. I have the freedom to say what I really feel but not in a manner which would offend my mother or any other person I am talking with.

Something is normal when you do the right thing for the right case or moment. We, as human beings of any society would weep when someone that is dear to us dies but for some society this is not right. While for us and other societies it is normal to grieve for death of someone Chineses dont believe in this, they just pay people who would weep for them because they believe that weeping is not good.

American music

            Music is one of the most influential cultures that America has been affecting. I am fond of listening to rock and ballad or RNB and pop music. I guess the reason behind this is the kind of society I live with. We have been the nation which has produced many influential and popular music and musicians in which most of them are doing pop or RNB.

We influence other societies with our kind of music thats why pop and RNB are now listened to by people all over the world. Most teenagers in other societies are very fond of this kind of music. I think beat makes the music good to hear even though some of its lyrics are censored. However, this kind of music somehow makes people wild most; it influences kids and most especially the teenagers.

American attitude and behavior

            I can say I am a competitive person. I guess that it comes from the societys culture because we are known to be competitive globally; our attitude towards progress is very positive. We are optimistic in nature and we perceive things in a positive way. We identify mistakes positively and we do not take it against ourselves.

I am also a risk taker, with regards to optimism I often take risks though I know that there are several factors that would make my decisions worse. I often decide on things even though I dont know how high the level of success is because I know that somehow I have taken my chance.

Americans are very competitive thats why it was one of the first countries who have been industrialized all over the world. We often innovate because we are not satisfied with what we have because we know that there can be better. I dont settle for something that is less, as well as any other American citizens because I know that I can do better and I can have a better thing.

Another thing I can say about myself that I have gained from my culture is that I am independent. This is a positive culture because at an early age I have learned not to ask money from my parents if I wanted to buy something for myself. For most societies other than mine the children are dependent of their parents not until they are married or until they finished their degree and find a job to support themselves with what they need.


The previous American culture nowadays also influence a persons way regarding on how they express their emotions; for example: when I get angry or mad about something, I tend to listen to a music which is loud and expresses deepest anger or those songs which are seemingly rebellious. Other people on the contrary tend to drink excessive alcohol beverages till they get sober and forget whatever they are worrying about.

In general, culture primarily imposes its strong influence towards peoples behavior; the way they think, the way they perceive things, and the way they deal with matters and situations. Culture also strongly influences the societys way of expressing their feelings and emotions.

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