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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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I will never hide my talents, if I am silent, I am forgotten. If I do not advance, I will fall back. If I walk away from my challenge today, my self-esteem will forever be scarred, and if I cease to grow even a little, I will become smaller. I reject the stationary position because it is always the beginning of the end. This philosophy has played an important role in shaping my objectives and framing my plans for the future.

I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experience I possess. I am a science student with a flair for the commerce. I am a man with technical aptitude and an interest in management. I also have passion for traveling and understanding different cultures of the world. All these elements have given me very broad outlook, with varying degrees of knowledge in a range of topics. I strongly believe that although some are not related directly, all these qualities will influence my graduate work.

Born in a family where business has been the source of living, business has been my passion right from childhood. How things work and what keeps world going on has always fascinated me. Business is all about persistent implementation of what a person perceives from the surroundings and is perhaps the most efficient and fruitful path for a person with penchant to enhance his lifes standard as well as his surroundings. Right from schools days I was much influenced by the idea of Business & Management. This fascination for Business and Management and keen interest in ever-growing world of Business motivated me to take up the Business Administration (BBA) subject at the Under-Graduate level.

I have been dedicated towards my studies right from childhood. I completed my school and my pre-university education, Physics and Mathematics being my majors with flying colors in the Intermediate Examination (10+2 pattern) XII, 2001 from a reputed college in Hyderabad. Then I shifted to Rajkot (GUJARAT) where I opted for Bachelor of Business Administration and joined a distant cousins business as a part time associate. I got the opportunity to pursue my goal by getting into an esteemed institute T.N.Rao College of I.T & Management studies, which is affiliated to Saurashtra University.

I was the topper in the college all through my under-graduate program and I learnt various fundamentals of Computerized Accounting. In addition, the family business I was taking care of gave me the required practical knowledge needed. A few months after my arrival, our business in Rajkot elevated to online scenario.

During this period I had an opportunity to look after the firms accounts which had a widespread effect on me and developed interest in the field of Finance. Finance is considered as the back bone of any business. Business purely depends upon the financial strategies adopted by a company.

Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved only through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Yet lack of in-depth knowledge of subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. It is in this context that I would like to pursue a course that not only supplements the knowledge but also provides a strong foundation to my study.

I am keenly interested in pursuing my graduate program in the field of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, mainly because of the vast curriculum of the subject which I believe would help in honing the skills and expertise desired from a businessman of the modern world, and also because it happens to be highly recognized all around the world. I have always tried to keep myself updated in the new areas of Business and this has helped me develop a confident and solid foundation of underlying principles and concepts to build on for graduate work in my areas of interest.

I know the intricacies related to the business world as I am a part of a company which in every sense is a true embodiment of Business values and which is renowned for its administrative and managerial expertise. I have been working with THOMAS COOK INDIA LIMITED in FOREIGN EXCHANGE DEPARTMENT. I am responsible for all the Transactions related to S.W.I.F.T (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). My role is to answer the queries of the customer and to help him to process the transactions related to purchase and sale of Foreign Exchange.

I sternly believe that a Masters degree from your Graduate School will provide me with the sound foundation necessary to undertake the courses and subsequently contribute to my field of interest. I presume that the undergraduate education had equipped me adequately to carry out innovative and original Business Lessons, and a MASTERS degree from a deemed university as yours with the able guidance of experienced faculty will impart more knowledge and help me in my future endeavors. Hence I realize the need for me to study at the centre stage of activity in this field in your esteemed university. My earnest desire to continue my further studies at your graduate school stems from the fact that it is one of the top universities in your country. Given an opportunity to pursue graduate study at this university, I am confident I will be able to do justice to your faith in me.

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