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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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This should be interpreted to mean that our actions have consequences or repercussions. When we do positive things about us, we tend to draw people closer to us and as a result they do become more loving and accommodating to us. They feel more attached to us and more than willing to be with us and stay attached to us. We always send them to a state of wanting to be with us at the same time being more positive to us. The moment we become irresponsible and unloving, people tend to keep distance from us. They run away from us and feel like not wanting to be associated with us.

We are left alone and the consequences are feeling lonely and withdrawn. This teaches us to be responsible knowing that if we messed around with other peoples emotions they in turn end up leaving us alone and keeping us in a state of wanting to be close again. The law of responsibility This means that the spouses refuses to rescue their partners from mistakes and foibles committed by them. This is the sinful behavior of being immature. The couples have the responsibility of setting limits to the level that their spouses are held up in the unbecoming behavior.

This is a clear state of the mind being exercised by the partners tending to build up maturity in their spouses. When such a state of the mind is created, then the entire consequence is having a mature society as a whole. The law of power This law comes out to be a unique one. It does so in the sense that it does empower the couples with the ability to change their marriages. One has the capacity to get out whatsoever he or she wants from the marriage and not acting as a result of pressure from other sources.

As a result, the act of saying that we let nature take its course is done away with. When we let nature take its course we end up in a situation that does not allow us to set our own targets. Setting targets is the first thing that any human being can think of and be able to achieve. It encourages us to work hard and be alert in all situations. A human being who doesnt work with any target ends up being distorted and the final resettling becomes a thing of the past.

It is only when you and your mate understand and go to the extend of respecting each others needs that you can selflessly give to one another. The creating of boundaries in marriages gives you the right tools you actually deserve to come out to the right decision. Boundary issues appear to be dominant in many places. It does not only apply to human setting but has been noted even in national parks. Boundary management has become a major concern issue even in these places. Boundary making traces its origin straight from the animal kingdom.

From time immemorial, animals have been known from time immemorial to lay boundaries within themselves. The king of the jungle was the lion and the cascading system was used to place animals in different places in the jungle. This led to the assignment of tasks based on boundaries. Man has had to derive his present governance system on the very basis that the animal kingdom operated. Just like the animals defined their boundaries so has man become of late. This has been seen to range from individual relationships to group relations and even stretches to the international level.

Long before the introduction of the state governance system, we used to have traditionally instituted societies that lived and respected the presence and sovereignty of other neighboring states. Failure to do do this would lead to endless wars among the competing societies something that led to restoration of peace in the society. It is clear that boundary issues cut across all spheres of our living and we tend to have them in our day to day living. These are issues that affect our living and we cannot be able to have a peaceful society without boundary issues coming into play.

As a matter of fact, we do understand that human coexistence is based on the fact that one has to respect the sovereignty of the other. Be it at individual or collective responsibility level, the secret behind colleagues having some mutual understanding is recognition of the rights and freedoms of the other members of the society. If human beings lived by this, the society remains to be a peaceful one. As clearly seen in this paper, if one has to maintain his dignity, define the level to which you do relate with others and keep a clear distinction between your work and the social life.

When a clear cut distinction has been put between the two cases, then the society understands the need for boundaries and as a result, we are able to have a peaceful society. Word count 3482.

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