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Published: 2019-12-13 23:12:08
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A case manger is a professional that handles and works with specific populations. Populations in need are multiple, and various; a case manger helps them to achieve their goals, see the brighter side of their obscure, and complicated situations, and directs them to the right resources and workshops. The professional supports abandoned, and abused children to become a reliable and functional element in the society. A case manger helps also people with disabilities to regain their routine movements and healthy contribution to the society.

The professional helps them also to stay put and beat the mental and physical challenge they are dealing with. A case manger is also in service for low-income people, the professional provides them with enough and efficient tools to satisfy their basic needs. The profession of case management is a particular one that helps and supports specific and unique populations. Each one of us will be or lean more to certain populations than others.

The reasons behind each one of us choice to help certain populations rather than others, could easily mean that either the person relates to them, or feels that this particular populations needs help more than other, or simply matter of choice that is not necessary based on any specific criterias, or standards. Case managers are advocates for those who are unable to help themselves. They come to the picture to lift these people that either suffer from mental, physical, or financial disability.

Life challenges are enormous and to many to cite or list, people with a certain disability, make life even more challenging and almost insurmountable for them. These people need a solid foundations and a strong back up to face obstacles and difficulties, therefore I chose abused and abandoned children as a special populations. I judge children harmless and innocent to go through any kind of abuse, and if unfortunately they do, it will most likely affect the rest of their life. I think it is unfair for a child to go through abuse or abandon in an early age.

Not much left if not supported by a professional for the child to believe in or trust the rest of his/her life. Enough, and valid reasons in my opinion to chose kids as a special populations to whom I will dedicate my time, energy, and be willing to make the extra step to achieve and accomplish outstanding results. Although there is a heightened awareness of child abuse and neglect in our society today, many children still go through abuse and abandon. According to the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention, every 10 seconds in America a report of child abuse is made is made, and nearly five children die every day as a result of child abuse.

With statistic like these, it is evident that these innocents creatures are victims of rough and harsh reality, and they cannot be disregarded or even slightly shifting our attention from them. As a result children population is a special population that clearly need help and resources to avoid them harm, and abuse. Children are vulnerable, and they need to be safe and protected. The child welfare system needs caseworkers that are familiar with the problems and the difficulties children encounter.

Caseworkers that are aware of these obstacles and efficient enough to go the extra step to help and provide support to these children are the one these population need. A caseworker is the advocate, in another word a voice for these children, they provide them with a safe place to be, enough resources and workshops to build and equip them with enough tools and skills to become a healthy and balanced individuals for the future generations. I know deep inside that I can bring joy and provide emotional support for these children, as Im determined and devoted to make an apparent and positive change in these population life.

My nature as a caring and sensitive person makes want to enter the filed with the desire to change what need to be improved and leave a legacy. Vulnerable children are lost and mistrustful, my honest approach and devotion will make them feel comfortable and safe to open up to me and regain love and trust through my positive and professional demeanor. Case management applies to child welfare in different ways. A case manger can provide help and prevent danger in a family setting. A case manager will evaluate and assess the family needs and the reasons why a case manager is requested.

A case manager will help the family make a plan to assure safety for all the members of the family and he/she will monitor and follow up with the family till they are ready and able to live their life far from endangerment, and risks. In other cases , such as the child is victim of abandon, the case manger come to the picture to provide domicile, a safe and healthy place to be, help the child by referring him/her to a professional counseling and therapy if needed. The duty of the case manger is not over yet; till the professional makes sure to monitor the progress of the child and his/her development.

A case manger can also help the family regain custody of the child. A case manager should be able to tell what it is best interest for the child well being, and emotional, physical, and positive development. The limitations that can face the case manger to properly do his/her job efficiently, is his/her lack of commitment, devotion. A case manger engagement can also be an obstacle and limitation to achieve positive results. As the case manager needs to be emphatic, and understanding without counter-transferring his/her position, when assessing the child.

A case manger can feel or be drained due to the demanding nature of the job, therefore he/she needs to be able and aware when a referral or transferring the child in question to another coworker. Multicultural issues are present in this field, and as long as the case manger is aware of them, he/she should not have problem doing his/her job in a professional and efficient way. The cultural issues that the professional may face, are his/her lack of understanding different cultures barriers, and assume that one method could work with every client.

No client are alike therefore, a case manger needs to be open minded and culturally diverse to provide and refer client according to their believes and cultural orientations. As an example, in some cultures sending the kid to foster care is inacceptable, and almost disrespecting the parent, to be aware of it as a case manger is an important step to accomplish and achieve positive results. There are a lot of services and agencies that provide child protection and prevention in my community. I will cite the New York Founding abandon no one, agency that was founded in 1999, to protect and provide safety for children.

The center is to respond to the changing needs to the most vulnerable of us. The foundation is to help families with complex needs and ensure safety and building strong and healthy communities. Children are harmless individuals that deserve love, care and safety. Case mangers are to advocate and speak for them to ensure and prolong their safety. It is a noble and humanitarian the profession of case manger as it brings joy, hope to those in need and makes someones life better and worth it.

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