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Published: 2016-11-01 11:50:22
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Riches beyond his use, fame beyond his country, power beyond his people. And yet, he left it all. Left it all, because he wanted to leave behind the thorns of life. Left it all, because he realized that what he sought for was not outside him, but inside. Ladies, and gentlemen, the story of the only man in history we believe has found true peace, Buddha, the enlightened one. Good evening ladies and gentlemen by the end of my speech, I am confident that you will agree with me that money cannot buy happiness.

The world today runs after money. Money, many believe, is the true source of happiness. But is that really true? Today I will be basing my speech on a few constructive arguments to convince you that money alone cannot buy happiness. Firstly, all that glitters is not gold, ladies and gentlemen. True happiness cannot be bought with money. True happiness, ladies and gentlemen, is felt. It is experienced when you feel compassion, it is experienced when you feel care, it is experienced when you feel love.

Parents spend thousands of dirhams buying their children fancy ipads and laptops thinking that the makes them happy, when a hug is all that he/she needs. When was the last time you have hugged your child? Experienced the glow on their face? Secondly, one of the most basic principles of life contradicts the motion. When you buy something, you own it. But happiness is an emotion, it is a feeling within the mind, that cannot be owned. Here my worthy opponents may say that they can control their emotions, but I beg to differ.

The happiness that you receive from money is only temporary. That is, money can only rent you happiness. Thirdly, an abundance of materialistic objects in no way guarantees happiness. The best example of this is that of an old age home. I have visited old age homes and believe me, in spite of having the best facilities and comforts, what they want more than anything, is the company of their loved ones. Fourthly, we must all realize the power of money. Money makes us believe that we can buy anything, even happiness.

But human beings are not just physical beings, we are mental and spiritual beings. While we wallow in the quicksand of materialistic ambitions, we fail to realize that the only way to achieve happiness is to fell it from within us. True happiness, according to Mahatma Gandhi brings more richness than all the money in the world. Finally, for all my opponents who still believe that money buys happiness, this final information should prove them wrong. Research states that an average American billionaire experiences the same amount of happiness as that of a simple massai tribal of Africa.

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