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Published: 2019-12-11 05:20:56
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The aim of this report is to analyse why so many students arent motivated to do a lot of sports activities at school. A number of students and teachers were interviewed and their suggestions for changes to the methods are summarised.

The problem

* There arent a lot of different sport activities offered at school There dont seem to be a lot of sports that can be played at school. Only a few sorts of sports are offered and that are football, that isnt even weekly and a real competition, and softball. If these sports dont fit you, you havent got a lot of opportunities to play sports at school. * Students dont intend to sport a lot anymore

Students arent known for their plesure of moving and sporting a lot. The electronics swallow a lot of their spare time, and they arent motivated to play sports in their leisure time, because its less exciting.

Improving the situation

What steps can be taken to improve the situation? I would recommend that teachers place more emphasis on increasing the different sorts of sports that are offered at school, in order to get students more motivated. When they are allowed to choose the sport that attracts them most, they will become more motivated. When students are playing a sport they enjoy, they will easily resist the instant tempation of their electronic games.


Students arent as motivated for sports as they should be. There arent enough sports activities offered at school, which leads to low motivation on the part of students. In my opinion there should be given more choices to the students what sport they want to practice. When they get to choose from sports they enjoy, they will get more motivated.

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