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Comply with given information when moving, handling and/or storing resources 1.3 Describe the different types of technical, product and regulatory information, their source and how they are interpreted. 1.4 State the organisational procedures developed to report and rectify inappropriate information and unsuitable resources and how they are implemented 1.5 Describe how to obtain information relating to using and storing lifting aids and equipment.

Know how to comply with relevant legislation and official guidance when moving, handling and/or storing resources 2.1 Describe their responsibilities under current legislation and official guidance whilst working: In the workplace ,In confined spaces, below ground level , at height With tools and equipment, with materials and substances, with movement/storage of materials , manual handling and mechanical lifting.

2.2 Describe the organisational security procedures for tools, equipment and personal belongings in relation to site, workplace, company and operative. 2.3 Explain what the accident reporting procedures are and who is responsible for making the reports. 2.4 State the appropriate types of fire extinguishers relevant to the work. 2.5 Describe how and when the different types of fire extinguishers, relevant to the given occupation, are used in accordance with legislation and official guidance. Maintain safe working practices when moving, handling and/or storing resources.

3.4 Explain why and when health and safety control equipment, identified by the principles of protection, should be used, relating to moving, handling and/or storing resources, and the types, purpose and limitations of each type, the work situation, occupational use and the general work environment, in relation to:

Collective protective measures Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) Local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

3.5 Describe how the health and safety control equipment relevant to the work should be used in accordance with the given instructions. 3.6 State how
emergencies should be responded to in accordance with organisational authorisation and personal skills when involved with fires, spillages, injuries and other task-related hazards.

Select the required quantity and quality of resources for the methods of work to move, handle and/or store occupational resources 4.2 Describe the characteristics, quality, uses, sustainability, limitations and defects associated with the occupational resources in relation to: Lifting and handling aids

Container(s) fixing, holding and securing systems.

4.3 Describe how the resources should be handled and how any problems associated with the resources are reported.: 4.4 Explain why the organisational procedures have been developed and how they are used for the selection of required resources. 4.5 Describe any potential hazards associated with the resources and methods of work. Prevent the risk of damage to occupational resources and surrounding environment when moving, handling and/or storing resources

5.4 Describe how to protect work from damage and the purpose of protection in relation to general workplace activities, other occupations and adverse weather conditions. 5.5 Explain why the disposal of waste should be carried safely in accordance with environmental responsibilities, organisational procedures, manufacturers information, statutory regulations and official guidance.: Complete the work within the allocated time when moving, handling and/or storing resources 6.2 State the purposes of the work programme and explain why deadlines should be kept in relation to: Progress charts, timetables and estimated times-

Organisational procedures for reporting circumstances which will affect the work programme. Comply with the given occupational resource information to move, handle and/or store resources to the required guidance. 7.3 Describe how to apply safe work practices, follow procedures, report problems and establish the authority needed to rectify them when moving, handling and/or storing occupational resources. 7.4 Describe the needs of other occupations when moving, handling and/or storing resources.

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