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Published: 2020-01-31 19:22:57
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Starbucks uses HR to help to budget and manage costs. They do this by having a set of people for specific tasks. If someone is more skilled they will move that person to another place because they have better skills and the quality of their work is much better which shows that they have better qualifications. Human resources make the business a work place and at Starbucks the employees have certain characteristics like their behaviour and age, which helps to improve the businesses expectation from customers. Cut wastage

Starbucks are bringing in new ways to cut waste, like recently they have introduced a reusable plastic cup, which looks like a normal Starbucks cup. They are selling these for an extra $1 and also the customer receives a discount from Starbucks so this is persuading the consumer to get this because it will help them to get a discount and also they are saving money. This will help to improve the business and also it helps to budget costs because they are reusing their products. Starbucks have electrical products which can be repaired or recycled also the distributors of the electronic equipment have a part to play in the reducing the amount of WEEE going into landfill sites. The building waste the landlord is in charge to manage the waste there. Reduce amount of stock held

Starbucks have to make sure that they maintain the amount of stock they order because they might not have enough space in there warehouse to store it. So they only order items that they know are going to sell well and they use on a regular basis like Starbucks cups, milk and sugar products like that. They want to maintain the amount of stock because they are trying to control budget costs and by maintaining stock they are helping to reduce costs at the same time. So they are improving the companys performance by doing this. ICT computers and technology

Starbuck stores have Free Wi-Fi in there stores which allow customers to buy beverages and use there Wi-Fi to do work. Because Starbucks have a lot of seating for the customers which allows customers to come in and enjoy a drink while doing some work. Other reasons are that Starbucks needs to have technology because they think like Starbucks rewards card and they need technology to use these items, which will help them. Also having these items helps to reduce waste and it helps to control budgets because the cards are reusable and the free Wi-Fi will persuade customers to buy a drink or food from there.

Less mistakes in production When the staffs is making the customers food or beverage they need to ensure that items are made to a good standard so they arent making mistakes which will cause a problem also it will help to save money for the business. This will help to control their budgets which are important when it comes to ordering stock so they dont have less stock during a certain order. Everything is produced efficiently so when the customer orders a double cream hot chocolate they receive a double cream so the customer is happy and the staffs is listening to the customers requirements. Fewer loans

Starbucks need to ensure that they dont have a problem with taking loans out and also they need to make sure they arent taking loans out for no apparent reason so they dont make a loss. Starbucks wont effect as much if they take a loan out because they are a multimillion business so they dont really need to worry about taking loans out. Controlling budgets may help businesses stay in profit.

Controlling budgets will help Starbucks stay in profit because it will help them to understand which areas of the business needs more progress and help. Like Starbucks will need to determine which sectors of the business need more of a bigger control like the rent will always be the same each month but during Christmas and winter Starbucks tends to bring out new products like gingerbread latte so they will need more stock around this time of the year. So controlling the budget will vary depending on the time of the year. Cut down on maintenance

Starbucks need to cut down on maintenance but they need to maintain their machinery so they can produce the products for the consumers otherwise there will be problem. They need to ensure that items can be reused like I said before they introduced a reusable cup for customers to use. The other things they need to consider are that they need to ensure there are several different aspects of things.

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