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Published: 2019-12-03 12:30:23
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Like many other students I often look for a coffee shop which offers free internet. To escape from my cramped apartment, I go and have coffee to relax. In Wisconsin the Starbucks is the only coffee shop nearby that has a nice atmosphere, the other coffee shop is one mile from the street where we live.

On the website I read that Starbucks does not provide free wireless internet. The street where your Starbucks is located has more than 500 citizens within one mile. Therefore I would like you to consider what kind of impact it can have if you are willing to provide free internet. There are many students and elderly people who live here and spend their afternoon in a coffee shop to surf on the internet. Your customers now are coming for the products. What if you can draw attention by providing free internet? This will have the (chain)reaction that more customers will be drawn to Starbucks, drink coffee, surf on the site, stay longer and buy more products, this will increase your profit and give the customer a warmer welcome. You will distinguish yourself from the other coffee shops.

Due to the fact that Starbucks provides good products, you can make a huge impact and show the local citizens that Starbucks is not a big cooperation whos only goal is profit. You can show that the number one goal is to satisfy the customers. Your company will make a statement by implementing providing free internet, that Starbucks is accessible and open to everyone.

From what is mentioned above I hope that you will consider free wireless internet.

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