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Published: 2020-02-11 08:21:49
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I am determined to become a top engineer and researcher in radiology, advancing the development and application of this important technology. This is an era when information technologies, such as electronics and computer science, are mushrooming throughout the world. But how about radiological science? Is it a diminishing subject without a future? Of course not! It is a research area that has a unique and indispensable position in many fields such as industry and medical science.

In my point of view, radiological science can be classified as a branch of information technology. Why? Combined with computer science and electronics, radiology provides us with information that was originally thought to be invisible such as the interior structure of metal, the image of the inside of the human body and even the existence of a celestial body far away from us. With the capacity of acquiring many kinds of important information, radiology is undoubtedly a promising research field.

My initial interest in radiological science was sparked by a visit to the laboratory of the Large Container Inspection System (LCIS) when I was a freshman of Tsinghua University. LCIS, specially designed for Customs, was one of the key national projects taken charge by the Department of Engineering Physics. As a fruit of radiological science, it can present the image of the interior of a large container without even opening it. The seemingly magical power was really attractive to me, a young man with a keen curiosity and the ambition to fulfill accomplishments in engineering and applied technology.

In the spring of 1999, I entered the (name) Laboratory and began to assist the professor in research. The assistants job offered me a great opportunity to work with and learn from the professors and graduates in the lab, who had not only taught me a lot of knowledge in radiology, but also impressed me with their enthusiasm and devotion to this field. To be competent in the job, often went to the library to read books and science journals on radiology, such as the Nuclear Instruments and

Methods and IEEE Nuclear Science ; Medical Imaging. This reading, though a little bit difficult, brought to me valuable information of the state-of-the-art technology. With my broadening mind and growing interest, I am determined to become a top engineer and researcher in radiology, advancing the development and application of this important technology. While reading the journals, I discovered that the US is the best place to pursue my further study and research because of its favorable atmosphere of research in radiology.

And the University of (name), one leader in nuclear engineering, has the graduate program that I most want to be associated with. From web sites and publications introducing the (university name), I learned that you are conducting a wide range of research in radiology, much of which I am interested in, such as radiation instrument design and radiation imaging. With the world-class faculty, advanced facility, nurturing and challenging environment, your graduate school is the best place where I can extend myself with the most advanced technologies.

I know that the admission to your school is very competitive and challenging. But I am confident that I am qualified and well prepared for it. The undergraduate study in Tsinghua has built for me a solid academic foundation in mathematics and physics as well as in my major. Intelligent and diligent, I received outstanding records in the courses Ive taken and my overall GPA is in the top 5% of our department, for which I have been granted scholarships for 4 consecutive years. My research ability is also outstanding.

In my college years, I took advantage of every opportunity to enhance my research ability and enrich my research experience in my major. I carefully and creatively planned and conducted the experiments in all the lab courses, such as Lab of Physics and Lab of Modern Physics. In the course of Modern Physical Electronics, I, with one of my classmates, designed an experiment to test the transmission feature of electrical cable used in the oil well nuclear logging system, and proposed some advice to make improvements.

I also took part in the SRT (student research training) program, doing lab work on the application of virtual instrument in radiation detection and nuclear instrumentation. In the lab, I am appreciated by my advisor, Professor (name) for I am not only able to conduct research independently, but also understand how to cooperate with others. As a college student, I am well developed in many aspects. As the monitor of the class, I showed responsibility and leadership in my work.

For my excellence in English ability (please refer to the Resume), I was selected as the editor of the University English TV Station and the broadcaster of the University English Radio Station. I love sports and take part in many fields of it: I am the captain of the basketball team of the class, the fourth place winner in the University Badminton Tournament and a good I-go player. In the annual Comprehensive Quality Assessment taken by the university to scale the students all around ability, I am always the top student of my class.

I can not forget the days when I was in primary school, short and weak, always failing in the sports matches. With my enthusiasm in sports and the determination to become strong, I started to exercise. Each time when I was exhausted from running, out of breath and my legs aching, it was my perseverance that had kept me on the track. With my efforts paying off, my conviction became firmer: determination and perseverance is crucial in peoples success.

With my perseverance and strong interest, as well as the academic background and the research ability, I am confident that I am a suitable candidate for your graduate program. My intended field of study is radiation measurement and imaging, medical physics and other related areas in radiology science. If I could be admitted and financially aided, I would like to pursue my PhD degree there. And after that, I will come back to China, to enter industry or research institutes to promote the research and application of radiological science

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